criminal defense

Criminal Defense

A criminal conviction can ruin the rest of your life. Choose a criminal defense lawyer that will fight for you. Without the best legal advise you could spend years in jail or on probation and pay unnecessary fines and court costs. Hire the best and most experienced Maryland criminal defense lawyer. We will fight for the best possible outcome in your criminal case.
personal injury lawyers

Personal Injury

Hurt in an accident and you don’t know what to do or who to trust? Don’t panic, the Randolph Rice injury lawyers handle these types of cases everyday. Our Maryland personal injury lawyers will answer all of your questions and resolve your case with a favorable outcome. We'll fight for your rights and make the insurance company pay!
Traffic Accident in the Rain

Baltimore Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations can lead to serious implications for your career or potentially lead to jail time. We'll fight to help you get the best outcome for your pending traffic case.
Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Has a doctor or medical facility made a mistake that has left you or a loved one with permanent injury or even worse; death? Medical mistakes should be corrected and our medical malpractice lawyers will fight to ensure the wrong is made right. Call us today to schedule a free consultation for your medical malpractice claim.
Baltimore Family Lawyer Randolph Rice

Family Law

Are you considering divorce? Then you need a Maryland divorce lawyer that will fight for your interests and protect what you've worked for. We can guide you through the divorce and get you the best results for alimony, child support, child custody and marital property. Call us today to discuss costs and a timeline to a better life after divorce.
Maryland Wills & Estates Lawyer | Wills & Estate Attorney in Baltimore

Baltimore Wills & Estates

Baltimore Wills & Estates Creating a will is an important task to complete in adulthood. Many folks put off building their last will and testament until their senior years, but building a will and testament at any point in adulthood is a good idea. Life is fragile, and if anything should happen to you, your […]
Maryland Traffic Ticket Attorney | Traffic Violation Lawyer in Baltimore

Baltimore Traffic Tickets

A traffic ticket lawyer can be helpful in winning your case or preventing points on your driving record. From speeding tickets to serious traffic violations like driving suspended, driving without a license or without insurance. We can help protect your rights and save your license and privilege to drive in Maryland.

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