Baltimore Crime Statistics for 2016

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People are arrested in and around Baltimore for a wide variety of criminal allegations every single day. The Baltimore Police keep a close record of arrests and reported crimes and release these statistics to the public so we can keep track of the crime trends from year to year.

According to reports, the number of arrests in Baltimore was lower than arrests in 2015 by seven percent. However, this does not necessarily mean there was an overall decrease in violent crime in our city. Instead, there was an overall increase in violent crime by eight percent over the 2015 statistics. Certain types of violent crimes decreased while others increased, as follows:

  • Decreased – Homicide and rape
  • Increased – Robberies and carjacking

The 16 percent increase in robberies largely contributed to the increase in violent crimes in general. Over the course of 2016, there were 938 people who were shot in the city. One-third of people who were shot died from their injuries and just over half of those died from shots to the head.

Homicide Statistics

Murder and homicide are crimes that often carry the most serious penalties if convicted. Therefore, it is important to look at statistics specifically related to homicides. Police reported having known motives in 80 percent of homicide cases and some of those motives were as follows:

  • Drugs = 55 cases
  • Retaliation or revenge = 50 cases
  • Arguments = 42 cases
  • Robbery = 31 cases

The following are statistics regarding the location of Baltimore homicides in 2016:

  • Street = 56 percent
  • Vehicles = 11 percent
  • Homes = 12 percent
  • Vacant dwellings = 3 percent
  • Public places = 3 percent

Regardless of where a homicide occurred or what the motive may have been, anyone arrested for homicide is facing dire consequences if they are convicted.

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