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What are the types of Arson and Burning Crimes in Maryland?

In Maryland and Baltimore County, Harford County, Howard County, & Anne Arundel County, the Arson & Burning statues are contained in Title 6 of the Maryland Criminal Code. The subsections of the Maryland Arson & Burning title contain the following crimes:

  • Arson in the first degree;
  • Arson in the second degree;
  • Malicious burning of personal property in the first degree;
  • Malicious burning of personal property in the second degree;
  • Burning with intent to defraud;
  • Threat of arson;
  • Burning trash container;
  • Attempt to burn structure of property.

Is Arson and Burning a Misdemeanor or a Felony? What can happen if charged with Arson in Maryland?

The crimes of Arson & Burning in the state of Maryland can be charged as EITHER a felony or misdemeanor depending on the severity and evidence of the case. What that means to Arson & Burning defendants in the state of Maryland is that they may face the possibility of incarceration in the local detention center or Maryland Department of Corrections, and or fines and court costs.

In addition to facing possible time in jail or prison, District Court and Circuit Court Judges in the state of Maryland can place you on a period of probation from One (1) day to Five (5) years. Probation may require you to check-in with a Maryland Parole and Probation agent once daily, weekly, and monthly or on a bi-monthly basis.

Probation may also be supervised or unsupervised and that will be decided by the Judge that the case is heard before. Supervised probation requires your presence at one of the many parole and probation offices located around the state of Maryland.

Limited probation or unsupervised probation may only require an occasional phone call to a probation agent or no contact at all with parole and probation.

Why Choose the Law Offices Randolph Rice for your Arson and Burning Case?

Arson & Burning cases can be complicated and difficult to litigate and defend. Arson & Burning charges are strongly pursued by law enforcement and the state’s attorney for the jurisdiction in which the crime allegedly occurred.

If you have been charged or arrested for Arson & Burning in Maryland, you need an experience, skilled, trusted, and knowledgeable Arson & Burning criminal defense attorney. Without the assistance and help, you have little chance of winning your case, if it goes to trial.

At the Law Offices Randolph Rice, we will conduct a thorough investigation into the details and specifics of the Arson & Burning charges. We will formulate the most appropriate argument for your Arson & Burning defense.

Often, the law enforcement agencies or States Attorneys office for the county you are charged in will overlook an aspect of the case, if this happen, we will find other witnesses or evidence to present to the Court or state’s attorney’s office to support your side of the Arson & Burning case. Our Arson defense attorney will work with you and fight for your rights and freedoms.

Don’t Go to Court Alone. A criminal conviction can affect the rest of your life. You could spend years in jail, pay fines, Court costs and regret not having a professional attorney advising you on the best decisions in your criminal case. Call Attorney Randolph Rice at 410.288.2900 to schedule a FREE criminal defense consultation. We have years of experience and we can put that knowledge to work in your criminal case.

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