Maryland Burglary Defense Attorney | Theft Lawyer in Baltimore

Baltimore Burglary Attorney (1ST, 2ND, 3RD, & 4TH DEGREE)

Burglary is considered a serious offense in Maryland, and the charges can lead to a misdemeanor or felony. If you’ve been arrested and accused of burglary of the first, second, third, or fourth degree, or you’ve been accused of a ‘possession of burglar’s tools’ crime, legal representation could aid you throughout your court proceedings. Seek out a criminal defense attorney to gain protection from unwarranted police activities and unjust prosecution.

What is Burglary in Maryland?

In the state of Maryland, burglary encompasses the act of breaking and entering, as well as the intent or act of theft, violence, or any other crime. The degree of a burglary charge refers to the severity of the charge. A first degree burglary charge is the most severe, while fourth degree is the least severe. The sentencing that may be applied to a burglary conviction can range from 0-20 years of imprisonment, as well as fines and court fees. Even possessing burglar’s tools may be considered a misdemeanor crime.

Why Seek an Experienced Burglary Defense Attorney?

Hiring a criminal defense attorney earns you several protections. A criminal defense attorney strives to protect you and your rights as you navigate through court proceedings. They’ll protect you from unfair police interrogation. They’ll file paperwork on your behalf, and inform you of court dates. And they may be able to have your charges reduced and dropped, as well as any sentencing lessened. A criminal defense attorney could save you from jail time, hefty fees, and charges applied to your record.

Randolph Rice, Jr. is your local criminal defense attorney here in Maryland. If you’ve been accused of a burglary crime in Baltimore County, Dundalk, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Rosedale Counties, get in touch with Rice Law  to gain legal representation and protection today.

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