Can a Grandparent Pay their Grandchildren’s Criminal Defense Lawyer in Baltimore?

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Young people who are charged with crimes often struggle to pay their legal bills. Many young people do not have jobs and are studying at college. Falling foul of the law can derail your future. Parents and grandparents often step in to help at this time. A grandparent can pay their grandchildren’s criminal defense lawyer in Baltimore.

Few things are as terrifying as being locked up in a police or jail cell for the first time. Young people are ill-prepared for the ordeal of a Baltimore holding pen. They often don’t know what will happen next. Many young people in Baltimore get in trouble at college when they drink too much alcohol or get involved in rowdy situations. Young drivers may also end up arrested for DUIs. Baltimore juvenile defense attorney Randolph rice looks at whether a grandparent can pay their grandchildren’s criminal defense lawyer in Baltimore.

How Do Young People Get in Trouble With the Law in Baltimore?

Drinking and Driving or Traffic Violations

Maryland has a zero-tolerance approach to underage DUI. Nobody under the age of 21 is allowed to drive with any amount of alcohol in their system. Maryland Code, Transportation § 16-113 places an alcohol restriction on all drivers under the age of 21.

Driving with a blood/alcohol content of just 0.02 percent, which is less than one drink, is unlikely to impair even teen drivers. However, young drivers can be charged for drinking any amount of alcohol if a police officer pulls them over and detects alcohol on their breath. A DUI costs the driver thousands of dollars in fines and other restrictions. Parents and grandparents often help meet a young person’s DUI-related legal expenses in Maryland.

Drug Crimes

Baltimore struggles with drug crimes. The police arrest many young people on drug possession charges. The use of under 10 grams of marijuana in Maryland is no longer a criminal offense but it still carries civil penalties. It’s prudent to hire a lawyer after a drug charge or even a civil violation.

Violent Crimes

Young people face a higher risk or being victims and perpetrators of violent crimes. You can be charged with assault for harmful or offensive contact, or contact without consent. Even the threat of physical violence can lead to an assault charge. Assault against a police officer (APO) is a serious offense that carries 10 years in jail and a $5,000 bond. Few young people intend to commit a violent crime. However, tempers can flare easily during parties, football matches, and alcohol-fueled nights out. A police officer may claim he or she was assaulted in these situations on the flimsiest of grounds. Suddenly, your grandchild is facing a long term behind bars.

Disturbing the Peace

Police often charge young people with disturbing the peace in Baltimore. These charges are often brought over behavior at demonstrations or at an Orioles game. You can face up to 60 days in jail and fines of up to $500 for disturbing the peace in Baltimore. However, police discretion of a major factor in this crime. It’s important to hire a criminal defense lawyer to fight these charges as soon as possible.

Theft Charges

Every year, thousands of young people are accused of theft offenses such as shoplifting in Baltimore. You don’t have to steal a car to be charged with theft in Baltimore. Receiving stolen property or writing a check without the funds in your account can lead to a theft charge.

Are There Conflicts When a Grandparent Pays Their Grandchildren’s Criminal Defense Lawyer in Baltimore?

Although it’s not unusual for third parties to pay for a criminal defense lawyer, grandparents should be made aware of any potential conflicts. Your criminal defense lawyer will make it clear that the contractual relationship is between the attorney and the grandchild. Grandparents have no automatic right to be a party to conversations between their grandchild and the lawyer even if they are paying for representation. Lawyers follow strict rules of attorney-client privilege which means they cannot give out information about the client to other people. Grandparents can give their input and advice to a grandchild and a lawyer but they cannot control the defense strategy.

In these cases, it’s important than an adult child gives permission for a grandparent to hire and pay for a defense lawyer in Baltimore.

Can a Grandparent Pay their Juvenile Grandchildren’s Criminal Defense Lawyer in Baltimore?

Parents and grandparents often help kids caught up in Baltimore’s juvenile justice system. Children under 18 are particularly vulnerable after they get into trouble with the law. They must receive legal representation.

Youth in the juvenile system are treated differently from adults. The authorities often refer them to the Department of Juvenile Services for treatment and counseling.

In more serious cases such as when a child has multiple contacts with the police, the state’s attorney may file a petition in the juvenile court alleging that the child is a delinquent. The authorities often place a child who is deemed a danger to himself or other people in detention before a fact-finding hearing is held. It’s important to hire an attorney to attend a detention hearing.

Parents and grandparents can play an important part in finding and funding a defense attorney for juveniles accused of crimes in Baltimore. A strong defense strategy can help your grandchild get his or her life back on track. Grandparents can play a key role in providing emotional and financial support for their grandkids in Baltimore.

Contact an Experienced Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer if Your Grandchild Is Arrested

At the Law Offices of Randolph Rice, we help grandparents who contact us about defending their grandchildren. A supportive family is invaluable to young defendants. It’s important to contact a Baltimore criminal defense lawyer who has a long track record in helping young people in Baltimore. Attorney Randolph Rice has represented people accused of crimes n Baltimore for over a decade. Please read the positive feedback from our clients or call us at (410) 431-0911.


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