Considering Filing for Divorce? Take These Steps First

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Divorce has a way of bringing out the worst in people. Even you and your spouse both realize that the marriage is not working and agree to end your marriage, the process of separating your lives and finances can create significant conflict. As a result, even the most seemingly amicable split can end up in a long protracted dispute that ultimately needs to be resolved by a court.

As people go through the process of ending their marriage, they can often engage in behavior that is simply meant to frustrate the other person or make their life more difficult. In addition, they may try and use anything they can as evidence to get the result they want regarding issues like property division, child custody, and maintenance (alimony). As a result, it is very important for anyone who is considering filing for divorce to take steps to protect their rights, such as the following:

Collect Important Documents

It is very likely that you will no longer cohabitate with your spouse as you start the divorce process. If you are the one moving out, it may be difficult to get access to your home to collect important documents like your birth certificate, social security card, bank statements, pay stubs, and others. Make sure you gather these kinds of documents prior to moving out.

Stay Off of Social Media

When people get divorced, they often want to celebrate their newfound freedom and share it with the world on social media. It is important to be aware, however, that anything you post on social media can be used as evidence in your divorce case. For example, if you post pictures of yourself going out drinking with friends on a regular basis, it may call your ability to provide a stable home for your child into question. For this reason, it is best to simply stay off sites like Facebook and Twitter while you are going through a divorce.

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