3 Ways a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Baltimore Can Help

attorney Randolph RiceCriminal charges are no laughing matter. You don’t want one mistake to ruin the rest of your life.  That’s why it is so important to hire a lawyer for your criminal charges in Baltimore, Maryland. Criminal defense lawyers are trained and experienced in defending the rights of individuals charged with crimes. They know the consequences of the crimes and the possible defenses to each crime.

So how can a criminal defense lawyer help you if you’ve been charged with a crime?

Advise You of the Maximum Penalties

If you don’t know what you’re facing in terms of jail, probation, fines, court costs and other consequences, then you will be challenged in making a informed decision. There are various directions you can go in if the State decides to proceed with charges against you. You could elect to enter into a plea agreement with the State and possible the Judge.  This would result in a calculated outcome that you will know the elements of the punishment.  You could choose to have your case tried before a Judge. This is called a “Judge trial” or “bench trial.”  The Judge in your case will be the trier of facts and determine if you are guilty or innocent.  The Judge must find beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crimes alleged. You could also choose to have a jury decide if you are innocent or guilty.  This would be a jury trial and that would consist of 12 people that are selected from the motor and voter rolls for the County in which you are charged.

criminal lawyer in BaltimoreExplain the Elements of the Crime

The elements of a crime are the conditions that must be met through the evidence that would allow a Judge or Jury to find you guilty.  Every crime has certain element, meaning hat certain conditions must be met for you to have committed a crime.  A lawyer can be helpful in explaining those elements and possibly finding a loophole or missing element and this allowing you to be found not guilty of the crimes.

Defend You Before a Judge or Jury

If you are innocent or the State cannot prove their case with the evidence they have, then sometimes the best option is a Judge or jury trial. You want to have an experienced trial lawyer by your side trying the case.

Asking the questions that need to be asked, cross-examining the witnesses and making sure the truth comes out at your trial.  A criminal defense lawyer in Baltimore is essential if you have been charged and you wish to have a trial before a jury or Judge. Attorney Randolph Rice has handled thousands of criminal cases and defending clients with his experience in the Courtroom. If you’re facing criminal charges in Baltimore or anywhere in Maryland, call the office at 410.288.2900 to schedule a free consultation.