5 Questions to Ask During a DUI Consultation and 5 Answers from a DUI Attorney in Maryland

5 Questions to Ask During a DUI Consultation and 5 Answers from a DUI Attorney in Maryland

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After a DUI, you want to meet with a DUI lawyer to discuss your charges, the possible outcomes, penalties and what to expect.  You also want to retain a lawyer that represents clients charged with DUI on a regular basis.  I spend most of my week in Court handling DUI and DWI cases for clients.  Contact me at (410) 288-2900 for immediate legal help with your DUI in Maryland and to schedule a free consultation.  You can also email me at

1. What Is Your Experience in DUI Cases?

I am a former prosecutor and handled thousands of DUI cases in that position.  As a private attorney I have represent hundreds of clients charged with DUI in Maryland.  I represent clients charged with DUI in the following counties and cities in Maryland:

  • Baltimore County;
  • Baltimore City;
  • Harford County;
  • Howard County;
  • Anne Arundel County;
  • Ocean City, Maryland

I am current on all Maryland DUI and DWI case law as well as the Maryland traffic codes.  In addition to experience in the Courtroom, I have also represented clients in front of the Office of Administrative Hearing for MVA hearings after a DUI arrest in regards to license and suspension of license for DUI arrest.  I am a trial attorney and spend most of my week in the Courtroom. I am familiar with all Judges and State’s Attorneys in the counties where I represent clients.

2. What Is Your Track Record on Winning Cases?

A “win” is defined differently for each client.  For a client that is not guilty or the State cannot prove the case, a win is a dismissal or not guilty.  For a first time offender that the State can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, a win may be a probation before judgment and a shortened probation period.  Some client, with back records, a win may be staying out of jail or minimizing their jail sentence.  When we meet I can go over what a win is for your case.  Call the office at (410) 288-2900 for immediate legal help and to schedule a free consultation.

3. How Strong Is My Case?

Each case is different.  When we meet, I will review the Statement of Probable Cause provided by the police officer or the commissioner.  Once I have had a chance to review that document I will be able to determine how strong the case is.  One thing to keep in mind is that it is the State’s burden to prove you were driving under the influence and not your burden to prove you were not driving under the influence.  Thus, we look at how strong the State’s case is and whether the police officer or any of the other law enforcement officers made a mistake in processing the case or effectuating the arrest.

4. What Are My Options?

Your options wills depend on the facts of the case.  After reviewing the facts of the case, I will be able to determine the best options and explain the pros and cons of those options.  We will go over each option in detail and discuss tasks that can be completed before the trial to better your options.  We will also discuss the types of Judges you may face and their track record with DUI cases in Maryland.

5. How Much Will It Cost?

How much will it cost depends on the complexity of the case and your prior record.  I charge flat fees for all DUI cases.  That means the price you are quoted is the price of the legal representation.  If the case takes longer or more work is required, it does not cost more.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Maryland, call me, attorney Randolph Rice, at (410) 288-2900 and schedule a free consultation.

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