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Government statistics show that marijuana, weed is the most commonly used illegal drug in America.  Most individuals that use the drug are never in contact with the justice system or the courts.  However, if you find yourself the subject of a CDS: Possession – Marijuana charge in Maryland, you need to contact an experienced drug possession defense lawyer.  A possession of marijuana charge in Maryland can result in a conviction that carries jail time and large fines.

Penalties for CDS: Possession – Marijuana in Maryland

Possession of Marijuana Penalties

If you are convicted in Maryland for possession of marijuana, you are facing a maximum penalty of 1 year and $1,000 fine of both.  Possession of marijuana in Maryland is a misdemeanor.  You are eligible for a probation before judgment if you are found guilty of possession of marijuana in Maryland.  An experienced CDS possession of marihuana defense attorney in Maryland may be able to have the charges dropped all together through treatment or classes, but you are only going to get that benefit by hiring an experienced lawyer that knows the Judges and State’s Attorneys.

If you have been charged with possession of marijuana in Maryland, contact Mr. Rice at 410-288-2900, to schedule a free consultation.  Don't let a simple weed conviction ruin the rest of your life and risk losing a job or being kicked out of school.

Quick Legal Facts for Possession of Non-Marijuana

For possession of non-marijuana, that is all other drugs in Maryland other than marijuana (i.e. Cocaine, Heroin, etc,) for a first time offender, if you are convicted for possession of non-marijuana, you are facing a maximum penalty of 4 years and $25,000.00 or both. You are eligible for probation before judgment.  Possession of non-marijuana in Maryland is a misdemeanor, however, you will probably not get away with some classes or treatment and the case will disappear.  The Courts and State's Attorneys take these crimes serious and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

If you have been charged with possession of non-marijuana, contact Attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr., at 410-288-2900, to schedule a free, no-obligation, consultation.

If we can prove to the Court that you were in possession of the marijuana for medical necessity, you may only be facing a maximum fine of $100.00.  You should not try to argue this alone, seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Maryland. 

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