Domestic Violence Bill Passed in Maryland General Assembly Increasing Penalty When Children Present

Enhanced Penalty for Individuals Who Commit an Assault in Front of a Child in Maryland.

The Maryland Legislature has passed a bill that would punish people who commit domestic violence in front of a child.  The bill, which goes to the governor’s desk, will provide a penalty of more jail time as passed by the Maryland General Assembly.


The House of Delegates gave the measure final approval Thursday. It will now go to Governor. Martin O’Malley, who included the bill as part of his legislative agenda.

Someone who commits domestic violence in front of a child who is at least 2 years old would face up to an additional five years in prison under the passed legislation.  Currently, if convicted of second degree assault in Maryland, you could face up to 10 years in jail and if convicted of 1st degree assault a person could be incarcerated for up to 25 years in jail.  The new legislation would add an additional 5 years to those sentences.

In another Maryland General Assembly act, a new law would make it easier to obtain a final protective order by reducing the required standard of evidence. The bill adds second-degree assault to crimes for which a person can obtain a final protective order.

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