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It happens thousands of times a day in Maryland.  Police officers in Maryland checks the tags numbers of thousands of cars a day through manual entry into their in-car computers or the new LPR (license plate reader) mounted in the trunk of police vehicles run hundreds of numbers every minute.  When that police officer is alerted to a vehicle with a registration violation or you have committed a traffic violation in their presence, they will more likely than not conduct a traffic stop.  Once they stop your vehicle, they will ask for your license, registration and proof of insurance.  They will input your name and license number into their in-car computer and if your driver’s license is suspended or revoked, odds are you will be arrested and charged with one of the Transportation Articles 16-303.

There are numerous reasons your license may be suspended, including;

  • Not paying a prior traffic ticket;
  • Failing to appear in State Court;
  • Failing to appear in Federal Court;
  • Suspended by another State;
  • Failing to Attend Driver Improvement Program;
  • Failing to pay a judgment.

Most drivers don’t realize that penalties for driving while their license is suspended, revoked, canceled or refused.  It can range from 60 days all the way up to 2 years in jail, including fines up to $2,000.00 per incident.  Often times, people that are pulled over and advised their license is suspended are unaware that their license is suspended. That can be a good thing and provide a defense when you case goes to trial.  Don’t try and argue the case yourself, take the experienced Maryland traffic ticket attorney, G. Randolph Rice, Jr.

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