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Stet Docket Maryland

What is a Stet Docket in a Maryland criminal case?

A Stet Docket is actually not a docket but a term used by Judges and State’s Attorneys to describe marking a case “Stet.”  There is no Stet Docket and a case is not placed on the Stet Docket.  Stet Docket has just been used so many times that new prosecutors use the term and it has been repeated so many times that it keeps getting used.

Yet for this blog entry, we will explain a “Stet” which is the same thing as a “Stet Docket.”

Stet Docket Definition

When a case is marked Stet or placed on the Stet Docket, that means the case become inactive and the State has chosen to not prosecute the case.  The State’s file goes on a shelf in the State’s Attorney’s office as well as the Court file goes on a shelf in the Clerk of Court.

Conditional Stet vs. Unconditional Stet

Some cases are marked Stet with conditions, thus a “conditional Stet.” Examples of conditions may be; stay away from a location, don’t have contact with a person, complete community service, make payment to another person as restitution, or any other condition the State can imagine.  If the case is marked Stet and there are no conditions, then it is an “unconditional stet.” This means the State will not prosecute and you don’t have to complete any tasks during the time of a Stet.

Expungement of a Stet

Good news, a Stet can be expunged in Maryland.  But you have to wait three years from the date the Stet was entered by the Court. So if your case was marked Stet on January 15, 2013, then your case could be expunged on January 15, 2016.

Right You Waive When Accepting a Stet

If you accept a Stet, and you have to accept it, the only right you waive is your right to a speedy trial.  Since a Stet could be reopened and the State or you could choose to go to trial, then you cannot claim at a later date, if the case is reopened, that you were not tried in a timely enough fashion.

Maryland Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Maryland, you want to hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Attorney Randolph Rice is a Maryland trial attorney and has represented hundreds of clients that have received a Stet.  Mr. Rice is a former Assistant State’s Attorney, recognized by Super Lawyers as a Maryland Rising Star, Avvo 1o out of 10 and Lead Counsel Rated.

Contact attorney Randolph Rice at (410) 288-2900 or by email to schedule a free consultation.

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