What is a DUI in Maryland – What is the penalty for DUI in Maryland

What is a DUI in Maryland?

DUI in Maryland stands for “Driving Under the Influence.”  If you’ve been charged with DUI or DWI in Maryland, contact a drunk driving defense lawyer as soon as possible.  You can contact our office at (410) 288-2900 or email attorney Randolph Rice for immediate legal help.  Some of the your rights can be waived in as short as 10 days after a DUI/DWI arrest.  Make sure you read the back of the forms the police officer gives you.

What is the penalty for DUI in Maryland?

The penalty for DUI can range depending on prior convictions.  For a detailed breakdown of the DUI and DWI penalties in Maryland, click here for our DUI/DWI penalty chart.

What is a DWI in Maryland?

A DWI stands for “Driving While Impaired” in Maryland.  Typically, the police and State will charge a suspect with both DUI and DWI.  They do this because if they can’t prove the more serious offense of DUI then they can argue to the Judge or Jury that the driver was impaired when stopped.

What happens to my driver’s license after a DUI in Maryland?

If you are stopped and the police offense has reasonable grounds to believe that you were driving after consuming alcohol, they can ask you to submit to a breath or blood test.  If you refuse to submit to this test or you submit to the test and your reading is .08 blood alcohol content or more, then the MVA will attempt to suspend your license.

How do I find a DUI lawyer in Maryland?

If you need a DUI or DWI lawyer in Maryland, contact the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, and speak with attorney Randolph Rice.  Mr. Rice has been representing clients charged with DUI and DWI in Maryland for years. He is a former Assistant State’s Attorney and has been recognized by Super Lawyers as a rising star in Maryland. You can contact Mr. Rice at (410) 288-2900 for immediate DUI and DWI legal help.

What should I expect if convicted of DUI in Maryland?

If you are convicted of DUI or DWI in Maryland, you can expect a number of penalties from both the MVA and the Courts, including:

  • Loss of privilege to drive;
  • Conviction on your license;
  • Probation;
  • Fines;
  • Court costs;
  • Alcohol classes/treatment;
  • Community service;
  • MADD classes;
  • Shock trauma classes;
  • Any other penalty or conditions the Court deems appropriate.

To avoid many of these penalties or conditions, you should hire a lawyer that knows the DUI and DWI laws in Maryland.  Make sure you speak with a lawyer as soon after the DUI or DWI arrest to best access the situation and your best options.  Decisions you make early in the process may help in the long run.

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