Baltimore Theft Crime Defense Attorney

Much criminal activity involves harming or threatening harm to another person. However, there are many illegal acts that do not directly involve another person’s safety or health. Instead, these criminal acts revolve around property, whether it is real property such as a house or building or personal property such as money or possessions.

While property crimes may be thought of as less serious because they do not cause physical harm to anyone, these acts still cause financial harm and criminal laws in Maryland set out potentially harsh penalties for those convicted of property crimes. The following is some brief information about crimes against property in MD.

Theft – Theft occurs when you take something without permission of the owner. There are many different types of crimes that fall under Maryland’s theft law, including:

  • Stealing
  • Shoplifting
  • White collar crimes such as embezzlement
  • Carjacking

The penalties for various theft crimes can depend on the value of the property that was allegedly taken. For instance, theft of under $1,000 is a misdemeanor and can lead to three years in prison, while over $1,000 is a felony and can mean up to 15 years behind bars.

Vandalism – Vandalism occurs when you damage or destroy another person’s property without their permission. In Maryland, this is known as malicious destruction and is generally charged as a misdemeanor with a possible three years in prison, depending on the value of the damage caused.

Arson – Arson is a very serious form of vandalism in which you cause damage to property by starting a fire. Arson is a felony offense and can mean 20 years in prison for second-degree arson or up to 30 years for first-degree arson.

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The above are only some examples of property crimes in Maryland and the potentially serious consequences of a conviction. If you have been accused of any offense, call a Baltimore property crimes defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Randolph Rice at (410) 694-7291 today.