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Are you looking for an Anne Arundel County DUI attorney after a night of drinking too much? At the Rice, Murtha & Psoras, we understand the stigma of receiving a DUI charge and we want to help. Everyone makes mistakes, one is drinking too much and getting behind the wheel. Randolph Rice has handled hundreds of DUI cases, so he understands the consequences this offense carries.

If you are convicted of driving under the influence or driving while impaired punishments may include jail time, fines and restrictions on your license. A DUI can cost up to $10,000 and your license may be suspended or revoked. But don’t panic, call an experienced Anne Arundel County DUI lawyer today.

Anne Arundel DUI 300x202 - Anne Arundel County DUI LawyerAnne Arundel County DUI Process

In Anne Arundel County DUI laws are enforced very strictly. There are often checkpoints set up by the police on frequently traveled roads that lead to many DUI charges.

Once an officer makes the traffic stop the next step is for them to search for signs of impairment.

This may be by conducting field sobriety tests, such as standing on one leg or the horizontal gaze.

Another sign may be if the officer smells alcohol on your breath or notices slurred speech. If the officer suspects any sign of impairment from these factors then he will arrest the driver for processing and a blood alcohol test back at the station.

Suspended and Revoked Licenses

Failure to submit

Once you are escorted back to the police station, if you refuse the blood alcohol test there will be consequences. When you receive your license from the MVA, you agree that if you are pulled over you will submit to a blood alcohol test. So, the punishments are must more severe than if you were to fail. If you refuse to submit to the test for the first offense is a 270-day suspension or a two-year suspension for subsequent offenses.

Submitted and Failed: .08 to .14

If you submit to the test and fail with a BAC of .08 to .14 the suspension is 180 days. The suspension is also 180 days if it is the second subsequent offense. However, if it is your second subsequent offense and a fatality is involved the suspension is increased to one year.

Submitted and Failed: .15 +

Again, for a first or second offense, the suspension is 180 days. However, if a fatality is involved for a first offense the suspension is one year and for a second offense, it is complete revocation of your license.

If you were driving a commercial motor vehicle, the consequences of suspension Having a license revoked is just the beginning of consequences that accompany a DUI.

Additional Penalties

Being charged with a DUI or DWI can carry punishments of jail time, probation, and fines. These punishments can greatly affect your bank account and most importantly your freedom. For a first-time offender being convicted of a DUI can carry up to a year in prison, $1,000 in fines and 12 points on your driving record. This is the maximum punishment, but an experienced Anne Arundel DUI attorney will fight to mitigate those penalties.

How an Anne Arundel County Attorney Can Help

Receiving a DUI can be very frightening and just as complicated. Let an Anne Arundel County DUI lawyer guide you through the process. The Rice, Murtha & Psoras has handled hundreds of DUI cases and has the experience to help you understand your legal options. When you are facing criminal charges many questions will come to mind. People will worry about their job prospects, insurance rates and even what will happen to their car. An experienced Anne Arundel County lawyer will be able to answer those questions and stand by your side for the entire process.


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