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Baltimore criminal defense attorney Randolph Rice has over 10 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney in the Baltimore area.  In his practice at Rice, Murtha & Psoras, he has faced numerous challenging cases and fought for his clients’ rights, working to get charges dropped and dismissed.  If you have a client with pending criminal charges, you can trust our attorneys to take the referral and work to fight the case.

If you are an attorney outside of Maryland or a Maryland attorney practicing in an area other than criminal law, call Rice, Murtha & Psoras today to discuss referring your case to our attorneys.  We can also discuss helping with pro hac vice appearances and other options to get your client the help they need.  For a free consultation with our attorneys, call our law offices today at (410) 694-7291.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Taking Referrals in Baltimore

Our criminal defense practice focuses on four major elements of our clients’ cases.  First, we work to keep our clients out of jail before trial.  Next, we work to suppress evidence and challenge searches and seizures on a legal basis.  Then, if the case is still proceeding, we work to see if there are any options to have the charges dropped, reduced, or dismissed.  Lastly, we focus on reducing the penalties at sentencing if the conviction goes through.

When a defendant is awaiting trial, one of the worst things that can happen to them is that bail is denied or set too high.  A defendant who has to spend time in jail before they are even convicted is going to have a tough time meeting with their attorney and being available to discuss discovery and evidence collection.  Our attorneys fight at bail hearings to get our clients bail, and we strive for ROR in every case.  If our clients can spend more time with their family and at their job, we can help set them up for success in negotiating reduced charges and sentences.

More evidence is subject to suppression than one might realize.  Police officers rarely intend to commit errors or civil rights violations, but illegal searches and legal mistakes surrounding Terry stops, searches incident to arrest, and DUI/DWI blood draw searches happen all the time.  Our lawyers work to suppress hard evidence like illegally seized documents or objects, bad arrests, and coerced confessions stemming from other suppressed evidence.  Preventing prosecutors from using this evidence makes it harder to prove the charges, potentially forcing a deal or dismissal.

Our lawyers will work to negotiate a plea deal when appropriate for our clients.  Many charges stay on the defendant’s case as negotiating tools, and we work to get these dropped and dismissed so that only the core issues are put to the test at trial.  We also work to see if we can negotiate a deal for probation or dropped charges in exchange for community service or testimony in another case.  We’ll investigate all avenues to see what we can do to end the case without having to put our clients through trial.

If the defendant is going to face conviction, our lawyers will still fight to get the penalties reduced.  Avoiding jail time by seeking probation can help mitigate the effects of a criminal record by keeping our clients employed.  Spending time in jail can have serious physical and psychological effects on a person, so we do everything we can to keep our clients from spending time behind bars.

Criminal Defense Cases We Handle in Baltimore, MD

Our Baltimore criminal defense lawyers handle criminal cases from beginning to end, and even beyond.  We can start helping with a case from the moment you start suspecting charges.  Our attorneys can be present during questioning or investigations, working to head off any potential legal issues from the outset.

Our attorneys do not shy away from serious charges.  Whether our clients are accused of theft, drunk driving, drug possession, sexual assault, or child pornography possession, our attorneys will work to fight the evidence against them and give them a fair chance at beating the charges.  Even minor crimes like disorderly conduct or some traffic offenses can lead to high fines, jail time, and license suspensions.  Our lawyers can work to mitigate the interruption these charges will have on our clients’ lives.

Our lawyers also work to mitigate the effects of charges on your future.  One of the best things you can do after facing criminal charges is work to get those charges expunged from your record.  In Maryland, many people with older criminal charges are eligible for expungement to have their records sealed and cut off from affecting them today and in the future.  Our lawyers can help with expungement petitions.

Our attorneys also represent college students and juveniles in criminal charges.  College students could potentially lose their scholarships or enrollment status if convicted of serious crimes, and our attorneys can fight to keep their record clean so they can stay in school.  We also work to represent minors in juvenile cases throughout the Baltimore area.

Call Our Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer for Referrals

If you have come up against a criminal case and need an attorney to refer it to, call Rice, Murtha & Psoras today.  Our Baltimore criminal defense lawyers can take referrals from out-of-state attorneys as well as Maryland attorneys in other practice areas looking to get their clients the representation they need.  For a free legal consultation or to discuss the potential of coming in on a case pro hac vice, call our law offices today at (410) 694-7291.


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“Randolph is an amazing attorney. He is very patient and understanding and straightforward to work with. Anytime I have a legal question or potential issue, I know I can contact him to get honest advice and excellent representation if/when needed. Thank you Randolph. I wish you continued success, health and happiness.”

- Michael K.