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If you have been charged with larceny after trust or other theft offenses in Baltimore, you face serious legal consequences. You could be heavily fined, sentenced to jail or prison time, be ordered to serve probation, be ordered to pay victim restitution, and face additional penalties at the court’s discretion. You could also end up with a criminal record, which will follow you from state and state and pose challenges at every turn. When the stakes are this high, you need a competent and serious attorney who will dedicate themselves fully to your case, like Randolph Rice.

A former Assistant State’s Attorney, Randolph Rice is a seasoned and knowledgeable litigator who understands Maryland’s legal system inside and out, enabling him to craft a tactical and hard-hitting defense strategy. After founding the Law Offices of Randolph Rice in 2009, he has gone on to represent numerous defendants in complex criminal cases. If you or one of your family members has been arrested on larceny charges in Baltimore, look to the Law Offices of Randolph Rice for 24-hour assistance, including help with county jail and bail-related issues. To set up a free legal consultation, contact our law offices online, or call right away at (410) 694-7291.

What is the Crime Larceny After Trust?

“Larceny” is another term for theft. In Maryland, the offense of larceny after trust (theft after trust) was one of seven theft-related crimes formerly enumerated under Maryland Criminal Law Section 7-102, along with larceny, larceny by trick, embezzlement, an offense known as “false pretenses,” shoplifting (also referred to as “retail theft”), and receiving stolen property. Though closely related, these crimes were held distinct from one another.

In contrast to other theft offenses in Maryland, larceny after trust specifically involves taking property from another person while handling their money or acting in a fiduciary capacity, which is where the “trust” element comes in. For example, a trustee might be charged with larceny after trust, which is similar to the crime of embezzlement.

What is the Penalty for Larceny After Trust in Baltimore?

The penalties for theft crimes in Maryland are severe. Even misdemeanors can lead to jail time and debilitating fines, and the legal consequences of a felony conviction are even harsher. Even after the offender has served their time and has been released from prison, a felony record can make it difficult or impossible to take advantage of many life opportunities, including housing, lending, travel, and job opportunities.

The severity of the offense – and in turn, the penalty imposed – depends on the value of the stolen funds. For example, if an offense involves theft of less than $100, it is classified as a misdemeanor, and the offender is subject to penalties including a maximum fine of $500 and/or a maximum jail sentence of 90 days. As the value of the stolen funds or assets increases, so do the penalties. Classification of larceny offenses, and penalties for theft crimes, are as follows in Maryland:

  • Theft of $100 to $1,499 is a misdemeanor. The maximum jail sentence is six months, and the maximum fine is $500.
  • Theft of $1,500 to $24,999 is a felony. The maximum prison sentence is five years, and the maximum fine is $10,000.
  • Theft of $25,000 to $99,999 is a felony. The maximum prison sentence is 10 years, and the maximum fine is $15,000.
  • Theft of $100,000 or more is a felony. The maximum prison sentence is 20 years, and the maximum fine is $25,000.

In addition to being heavily fined and/or sentenced to time in jail or prison, an offender convicted of larceny after trust may also face other consequences. For example, depending on the circumstances of the offense, he or she may lose professional licenses and certifications, potentially leading to the end of a career or the loss of a practice. Probation may also be sentenced, subjecting the offender to restrictive rules. Aggressive legal representation can give you a stronger chance of obtaining reduced penalties, having your case dismissed, or achieving other favorable outcomes.

Our Defense Attorneys Can Help Fight Larceny After Trust Charges in Baltimore

Larceny after trust, like other theft offenses in Maryland, is a serious crime with potential to trigger costly fines and months or years of jail time. Penalties are increased for offenders who have a record of prior convictions, or where there are aggravating factors. An experienced larceny after trust attorney in Baltimore, like Randolph Rice, can work to hold the damage to a minimum while protecting and upholding your constitutional rights throughout the legal process. However, it is vital that you act quickly and do not wait to seek the legal help you need.

To set up a free legal consultation, contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice online, or call (410) 694-7291. We are available around the clock to provide the guidance and support that you need after an arrest in Baltimore.


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