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Disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct can generally be applied to the same criminal accusations. Have you been accused of a disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct crime in Baltimore? If so, you may benefit from hiring a criminal defense attorney to protect and represent you as you approach your upcoming criminal trial. A criminal defense attorney can aid you in gaining protection from unlawful police custody and unwarranted police searches. Moreover, your lawyer will ensure that appropriate court documents are filed, and they’ll protect you from harsh prosecution and unfair judgement when trial proceedings commence.

What Is Disturbing the Peace in Baltimore?

The accusations of disturbing the peace can be applied to a variety of scenarios. If a Baltimore citizen is too loud they may be charged with disturbing the peace. If a citizen obstructs traffic or the free passage of people, they may be charged with disturbing the peace. If a citizen enters private property and acts disorderly or disturbs the peace of the property’s occupants, they may be charged with disturbing the peace. Also, excessive drunkenness or endangering others may qualify as disturbing the peace.

Penalties for Disturbing the Peace in Baltimore

If you’ve been arrested for disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct, you may face misdemeanor sentencing with penalties including up to $500 in fines and 60 days in jail. To avoid harsh sentencing, it’s in your best interest to hire a criminal defense attorney. Here at Rice Law, our defense attorney strives to ensure that you don’t suffer the full extent of these penalties. Your lawyer will fight to have your sentencing reduced, or to have your charges lessened or completely dropped. Rice Law represents criminally accused citizens throughout Baltimore, Maryland.


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