Baltimore Ignition Interlock Program for DUI and DWI

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If you are stopped and suspected of driving a vehicle in Baltimore with alcohol in your system and you either fail the tests administered or you refuse the tests, then you may be required to participate in the ignition interlock program to continue driving.

A Baltimore ignition interlock is a device that is installed in your vehicle that you drive on a regular basis.  In other words, to participate in the program, if you are going to drive a vehicle, and that vehicle is not exempted by a work exemption, then you must have an ignition interlock installed.

The ignition interlock is a device that connects to your motor vehicles ignition system and to a breath analyzer that measures your breath alcohol level and will prevent the vehicle from starting if your breath exceeds that alcohol level that is set for the device.  After the vehicle starts, random tests will occur while you are operating the vehicle.

The costs for an ignition interlock in Baltimore can range from $100.00 -$250.00 to have the device installed and a monthly service fee of $25.00 – $50.00.

Approved Ignition Interlock Providers in Baltimore

Draeger Interlock

National Interlock

Smart Start Interlock

Alcohol Detection Systems

Guardian Interlock

Other than a DUI or DWI stop, the MVA may require a driver to participate in the program if they have accumulated sufficient points, a repeat offender, or violates a previously imposed alcohol-related driving restriction.

What do I do once I decide that I want to participate in the Baltimore Ignition Interlock Program?

  1. Review all of the materials that have been provided by the MVA;
  2. Contact a MVA authorized Ignition Interlock Service Providers in your area (see the list above);
  3. Schedule an appointment to have the device installed in your vehicle;
  4. Have the device installed;
  5. Learn how to use the device from the installer and confirm all costs associated with the device;
  6. Receive written proof from the installer that the device is installed in your vehicle;
  7. Take the written proof to any MVA branch and request a ‘”restricted driver’s license”;
  8. You then can drive a vehicle that has the ignition interlock installed in it.

Once you have received your driver’s license you then must return to the installer every 30 days for a service check.

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