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Maryland has some of the most restrictive and comprehensive gun laws in the United States. Anyone seeking to own a handgun in the state of Maryland must complete a 16-hour firearms course and have a background check performed on them. Concealed carry permits, open carry permits, purchase permits, firearm registration, are required and all assault weapons are banned throughout the state.

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Maryland Gun and Firearm Laws

The state of Maryland regulates the possession, sale, transfer, and rent of firearms. Private transfers must be done through either a licensed dealer or a designated law enforcement agency who is qualified to conduct a background check on the person that is buying the firearm.

Maryland’s gun and firearm sale laws became stricter with the passage of new laws in 2013 by Governor Martin O’Malley. These laws banned the purchase, manufacturing, and sale of most ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 bullets as well as semi-automatic rifles (they may be possessed, however, by people who had them prior to these changes made in 2013). They also set a requirement that new gun buyers should provide their fingerprints in digital form to the Maryland State Police, limited the purchase of firearms by mentally ill persons, and required that all individuals that are interested in buying any gun or firearm that is not a shotgun or a hunting rifle obtain a license.

The Maryland State Police maintain a registry of the regulated guns and firearms that are permitted to be sold in the state. Regulated firearms include handguns and firearms. Maryland does not, however, regulate the sale of rifles and shotguns.

Permits are required to purchase, openly carry, or carry a concealed handgun in Maryland, all of which are relatively difficult to obtain. Firearms, handguns, and automatic weapons must be registered with the police. Background checks are conducted on those purchasing guns in Maryland; sales must be done through either a licensed dealer or Maryland police. Finally, all assault weapons are banned.

The laws pertaining to the possession and sale of handguns, firearms, assault weapons, and destructive devices, as well as weapon concealment and ammunition can be found in Title 4 of the Maryland Criminal Code.

Straw Purchases in Baltimore

When someone who has a clean background and is qualified to make gun purchases buys a firearm for a person that is not qualified to buy a gun (because they are a convicted felon, a domestic abuser, a juvenile, mentally ill, or other prohibited person), it is known as a straw purchase. The straw purchaser executes the paperwork and requirements necessary to acquiring a gun and passes it off to the other person. Straw purchases are prohibited in the state of Maryland. Straw purchasing requires making false statements to a firearm seller, which violates multiple federal statutes. The penalties for making a straw purchase may be a fine of up to $250,000 or 10 years in prison. Both the person making the straw purchase and the firearm salesperson, if they knew that the statements made on the form submitted by the straw purchaser, will receive penalties for the straw purchase.

Assault Weapon and Firearm Purchases in Baltimore

Assault weapons and firearms are banned in the state of Maryland. It is unlawful to transport, possess, sell, offer to sell, purchase, transfer, or receive an assault pistol in the state of Maryland. Law enforcement officers are able to seize and dispose of assault pistols and treat it as contraband if they discover it being possessed, received, transported, transferred, purchased, or sold. Maryland does not regulate the sale of shotguns or rifles. There is no permit required to purchase either.

Private Sales of Handguns

Private sales of regulated firearms are permitted but they must be done at the barracks of local Maryland State Police. A Handgun Qualification License (known as an HQL) is required for the sale of a handgun. A background check, the completion of a safety training certificate, and a seven-day waiting period is required as well.

Our Baltimore Illegal Gun Sale Attorneys Can Help

Have you been faced with an illegal gun sale charge in the state of Maryland? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with an attorney that can defend you against the charges filed against you. The lawyers that work with the Law Offices of Randolph Rice in Baltimore can use their expertise and professionalism to mitigate the hardship and penalties you could face as a result of your illegal gun sale charges. Pay a visit to their website or call (410) 834-3803 to set up a free consultation as soon as possible.


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