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Are you located in Baltimore and been accused of rape or sexual assault? If so, you need a Baltimore rape lawyer.

We understand that rape charges are not to be taken lightly and can seriously impact your life. At the Law Offices of Randolph Rice, we have the experience and knowledge of the Maryland legal landscape it takes to win serious rape cases.

Baltimore Criminal Code (Md. §3-303 & 304)

Under Maryland’s Criminal Code 3-303 & 3-304, two of the most serious sexual crimes are rape in the first degree and rape in the second degree.  Rape in the first degree involves engaging in a sexual act with another by use of force while using a dangerous weapon, inflicting serious harm, or threatening to inflict imminent harm.

If a person is found guilty of rape in the first degree, they will be convicted on a felony and subject to imprisonment not exceeding life.

Meanwhile, second-degree rape is defined as engaging in a sexual act with another by force, without consent or with a victim who is substantially incapacitated. The punishment for this offense is not to exceed twenty years imprisonment.

How Rape is Proven in Baltimore, Maryland

Proving the offense of rape, in either the first or second degree, involves satisfying several elements of the crime. There are also many guidelines as to which evidence can be admitted during trial.

Reputation of the parties and specific instance of the victim’s prior sexual conduct are covered in Maryland’s criminal code. A normal person will not know which evidence is admissible and which is not.

This is why a Baltimore rape lawyer is essential. Before you panic about going to trial, contact an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Randolph Rice today.

Crimes Associated with Rape in Maryland

Under Maryland’s criminal code, subtitle three covers many different sexual crimes other than rape. One of the main crimes is sexual offense, which can be charged in the third and fourth degree.

Sexual offense in the third degree forbids a person from engaging in sexual contact with another without consent and displays a dangerous weapon, inflicts serious physical injury or places the victim in the fear of imminent serious physical injury.

A person who is found guilty is convicted of a felony and will not be subject to imprisonment not exceeding ten years. Meanwhile, sexual offense in the fourth degree may involve a person in a position of authority if the victim is a minor and enrolled in school. Maryland law forbids sexual contact with another without consent, if the victim is 14 or 15 years old and the person is at least four years older.

Attempted Rape Crimes in Maryland

Maryland also criminalized attempt offenses, including attempted rape in either the first or second degree. Attempted rape in the first degree carries a sentence not to exceed life in prison.

And attempted rape in the second degree carries a penalty of imprisonment not to exceed twenty years. Don’t be fooled thinking that an attempt crime will not be pursued or will carry less time. In fact, Maryland prosecutes attempt crimes and the crimes carry the same punishments as if the crime had been committed.

Penalty for Rape in Baltimore

Whether you have been accused of rape or sexual offense, your life can be flipped upside down. If you are convicted, you are facing up to a lifetime in prison. You need a professional to help walk you through the entire process, from arrest to trial. For help today, call a Baltimore rape lawyer to schedule a free consultation.

Our Baltimore Rape Defense Attorneys Can Help

If you are under investigation for or have been charged with rape and/or sexual assault, contact a Baltimore rape lawyer. These charges can be stigmatizing. Don’t leave you future in your own hands. We have experience in preparing defenses and negotiating plea deals. Contact a Baltimore rape lawyer today for a free consultation to discuss your options.


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