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You’re required by law to provide a driver’s license if you’ve been pulled over for a traffic violation. If you’ve been asked for a driver’s license during a suspected traffic violation, and you refused to give an officer your driver’s license, you may have been issued with a misdemeanor charge for your violation. If you’ve been issued with this violation in Baltimore County, seek representation from a traffic violation attorney here at The Law Offices of Randolph Rice. Our traffic violation attorney may be able to mitigate your charges by having the your sentence reduced or your case dropped altogether. When you opt for a traffic violations lawyer, you gain several benefits from legal representation:

It’s redundant, but lawyers know the law. Lawyers are required to pass the bar exam to gain their licensing, and the bar exam tests a law student for their fluency in law. Lawyers have an extensive knowledge of law, the court process, and how to operate in the legal system – all valuable tools when up against a traffic violation charge.

Traffic Violation Attorneys in Baltimore Know Where to Gain Leverage

Knowing court procedures can be extremely useful. Our Baltimore traffic attorneys keep track of court scheduling, they aid in filing the proper paperwork on time, and they can dominate a courtroom during a trial. Traffic violation lawyers know your rights and know how to use law to leverage a lesser charge, smaller sentence, or have the court case dropped altogether. Traffic violation cases may be dropped due to unprepared prosecution or if the ticket issuing officer doesn’t attend court proceedings.

We Fight for Your Interests

As a traffic attorney, the client’s interests are always in mind. We strive to lend you the most protection possible, and we’ll advise you on the best path towards the most reduced charges or sentencing. That’s the service we can provide as your traffic violations attorney.

Save Money

Misdemeanor violations (like a refused license violation) in Baltimore may be quite costly. It’s your traffic violations attorney’s job to have charges and sentencing reduced, so you’re paying less money for a suspected violation. You do have to pay for a traffic violations lawyer, but the savings in fines should outweigh the attorney fees. Additionally, you may have a cleaner record with legal representation.

Professionalism & Prosecutors

Prosecutors know the law in the same way as traffic attorneys. Seeking representation levels the field when you enter into court proceedings. And the legal representation at The Law Offices of  Randolph Rice has a long history of success due to experience and professionalism in the courtroom. Professionalism and appropriate court behavior can impress and persuade a judge, which could lend to lessened charges or sentencing.

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Please, get in touch with an attorney here at The Law Offices of Randolph Rice if you’ve incurred a traffic violation and you need representation. We’re here to help you utilize your inherent protections granted to you by the law.


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