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We understand that people make mistakes and we also understand but sometimes people are falsely accused of a crime. You shouldn’t have to face criminal charges alone in Carroll County, that’s why you should always contact the Carroll County criminal lawyer if you’re facing criminal charges or a DUI DWI. The law offices of Randolph Rice have been representing individuals charged with crimes and Carroll County since 2009. Carroll County Maryland criminal attorney, Randolph Rice has the experience and dedication to each case and client to ensure the best possible outcome when facing serious felony charges or less serious misdemeanor charges in Carroll County.

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Carroll County is located in the north central part of Maryland and has a population of about 1 67134. The county seat is Westminster, which is Austin location of the district and circuit Courts for the county. There are currently four judges sitting in the Carroll County Circuit Court and two judges sitting in the district court for Carroll County.

Criminal Lawyers serving Carroll County

Our attorneys have represented all types of cases in Carroll County ranging from simple traffic offenses all the way up to more serious felonies. Some of the most common charges we see individuals facing in Carroll County

After being charged with a crime or traffic violation in Carroll County it’s imperative that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Are Carroll County criminal defense attorneys are experienced in defending individuals who’ve been charged with drug crimes as well as all types of Carroll County misdemeanors and felonies. We have a clear understanding of the laws and procedures in the Carroll County Courts. Our goal is to defend each individual using every Avenue of the law and judicial system. We rely on previous cases, Maryland statutes as well as Maryland case law to ensure that clients are not overcharged or they’re found not guilty of a crime they didn’t commit.

How can a Carroll County criminal defense lawyer help me?

Attorney Randolph rice will start off by scheduling the free consultation in one of his offices. The first meeting is it no charge and at that time he will discuss your background and history as well as the facts of the case. He will discuss every possible defense as well as what type of evidence may be required to present at trial in front of a judge or jury. In Carroll County, if you’re facing a jail sentence of over 90 days, you have the right to a trial by jury. Mr. Rice can advise if your Carroll County charges are ones that should be taken before a jury or tried before a judge, also known as a bench trial.

Carroll County District Court

In Carroll County Maryland, there is one District Court Building located at 101 North Court Street Westminster Maryland 21157. The phone number for the Carroll County District Court is 410-871-3500. To get to the Carroll County District Court from i-795 you should take Exit 19 towards Owings Mills Reisterstown. Follow Maryland Highway 144 about 12 miles and exit at 9 be towards Westminster. Once you enter the town of Westminster you should turn left on Ralph Street and the courthouse is located about 1 block West at the intersection of Court Street and Greenwood Avenue. There is ample parking on the street around the courthouse as well as a parking lot to the South. The courtrooms are located on the second floor of the Carroll County District Court and the clerk’s office is located on the first floor.

Carroll County Circuit Court

The Carroll County Circuit Court is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday except for legal holidays. The courthouse for Carroll County is located at 55 North Court Street, Westminster Maryland 21157 and their phone number is 410-386-8710. Parking for the courthouse is located on the street around the courthouse as well as a parking lot to the South which is free. If you’re traveling from Baltimore take Interstate 795 North and then West on to Maryland Route 140. When you enter the town of Westminster drive past the Target and McDonald’s and turn left onto Ralph Street. Parking is located behind the courthouse annex building and also along the side streets. If you’re traveling on Route 27 when you get to Westminster turn right onto Main Street and continue down Main Street until you turn left onto Center Street. You then turn right onto Willow Street at the first stop sign and go straight one block until the road ends at which point you will see this historic courthouse on your right and you will see the courthouse annex ahead of you. Again, free parking is available along the streets around the courthouse as well as a parking lot to the South.

How much does it cost to hire a Carroll County criminal defense attorney?

The cost of a Carroll County criminal defense attorney depends on the severity of the charges you’re facing. Obviously, less complicated cases or misdemeanors Cost Less in legal fees than does a more serious felony charge. Carroll County attorney Randolph rice will work to negotiate the best deal or plea bargain if that is what you choose to do in your case. He will also present mitigation to the court if you are found guilty or decide to enter a guilty plea in hopes of improving your sentence or obtaining a probation before judgment. However, first and foremost, his goal is to have the case dismissed or the charges dropped. In some circumstances, in Carroll County, it is not unlikely to receive a probation before judgment or PBJ. The benefit of a PBJ or probation before judgment in Carroll County is it allows your record to remain clean and you have the ability to expunge the charges from your record as long as all conditions are met and no new charges are pending.

Randolph Rice Carroll County Criminal Lawyer

In addition to all steps that need to be taken if you’re charged with a crime including motions and preparation for trial, Mr. Rice will also help you prepare emotionally for your case. He will help you understand what to expect as well as guide you through the various stages of a criminal prosecution in Carroll County Maryland. As an experienced and trusted defense attorney, he understands what the state’s attorney, as well as the judges, want to see for a successful defense.

He will ensure that all Maryland Rules of Evidence are used to your advantage as well as any laws and opinions from the court of special appeals or court of appeals are applied to defend your rights and freedom. He will ensure that all evidence is gathered from the state’s attorney as well as the police department and all other law enforcement and investigating agencies. As well as he will be able to obtain all witness statements and review that information with you. As part of a successful defense case, his office will ensure the new stone is left unturned improving your innocence and protecting your future if charged with a crime in Carroll County Maryland.


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