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College can be both wonderful and difficult for those who wish to attend – wonderful because of the new experiences and lifelong friendships that can form, and difficult because of the financial, emotional, and academic challenges that accompany enrollment. One challenge that Towson students seldom plan for, however, is having to face criminal charges.

Even when they are unfounded and unsubstantiated, charges can take on a life of their own. Encouraged by the enthusiasm of law enforcement, Towson could decide to take administrative action against the student, regardless of the outcome of the investigation. If you find yourself stuck between the police and school officials with nowhere to turn, contact the law offices of Randolph Rice, for assistant state’s attorney. After more than a decade of legal experience at both the state and federal levels, we are more than capable of helping you with your situation. Call (410) 694-7291 today to set up your free consultation.

Common Criminal Charges College Students Face

The atmosphere on a college campus can often feel like equal parts wild party and study session. At the hormone-charged, alcohol-fueled events that take place around campus, more than a few conflicts are bound to crop up as groups of newly emancipated 20-somethings test the limits of their picturesque environment. These conflicts can be minor – an argument sparked by a spilled drink or scuffed shoe – or major, even criminal. Some of these crimes are actually fairly common on college campuses:

Destruction of Property

Whether it’s the result of a malevolent act or a playful prank, the destruction of property – called “malicious destruction” in Maryland – is always taken seriously by school administrators. Offenses can range from breaking a window to spray-painting a century-old statue, and the consequences can vary as well. If the value of the damage is less than $500, for example, you will likely face a lesser penalty; more than that, and you could find yourself with a 3-year jail sentence or a hefty fine.

Even when facing a lesser penalty for malicious destruction, prosecutors can add on additional crimes, such as disorderly conduct. Conviction for these crimes may only lead to relatively small fines, but the stain they leave on your record can last for quite a long time. A skilled legal representative can help you avoid this worst-case scenario.

Substance Abuse

Though most parents warn their children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol before they leave for college, many of their children will still experiment with illicit substances. The vast majority of students come out of their experiences a little wiser, maybe with a story or two; others are not so fortunate.

The legal troubles that can stem from the use, possession, or distribution of drugs are manifold, but almost all come with very serious consequences. Even just a proximity to drugs can be ruinous; if the police find something illegal in a friend’s pocket while they are riding in your car, you could wind up on the hook too. Aside from entanglements with law enforcement, students accused of drug-related crimes will likely find themselves the target of administrative action on the part of Towson itself. These actions could result in suspension or expulsion and should not be taken lightly.

Assault and Battery

Two of the more serious charges a college student is likely to face are assault and battery. These often go hand in hand, though they can come in many forms. Assault simply involves a threat of harm with the intent and ability to carry it out; battery is the infliction of that harm, or more generally the infliction of unwanted physical contact of any kind.

Sexual assault also falls under this category, and it is one of the most damaging charges a student can face. Just a whisper of misbehavior can destroy a reputation, and any conviction for sexual assault could effective erase a student’s prospects. If you or a loved one are facing charges related to assault, contact a qualified legal professional right away.

Penalties for Towson Students Facing Criminal Charges

Students at Towson are generally expected to adhere to a code of conduct laid out by the school. This collection of standards includes provisions allowing the school to impose interim administrative action while decisions about conduct are still pending. For this reason, it is important for those facing accusations to take a proactive approach to the situation.

If you are under investigation by either the police or school officials, you likely feel a little overwhelmed – or more than a little, depending on the severity of the charges. Don’t face these difficulties alone. Contact the law offices of Randolph Rice for expert guidance.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Students at Towson University

Randolph Rice is a former assistant state’s attorney who has spent the last decade defending the rights of clients. His experience arguing on both sides of the courtroom gives him a keen insight into the tactics of prosecutors, making him perfectly suited to defend you from any charges you may be facing. For a free consultation, call the law offices of Randolph Rice today at (410) 694-7291.


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