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Maryland Drug Distribution Lawyer | Drug Distribution Attorney in BaltimoreIn general, drug distribution crimes have more severe sentences than drug possession crimes. If you’ve been arrested for possession of drugs with the intent to distribute, you’re likely facing a list of consequences. Consider hiring a criminal defense attorney. Defense lawyers aid their clients in gaining protection from prosecutors and judges, as well as unwarranted police interrogation or treatment. Criminal defense attorneys know your rights, and they know how to provide support throughout court proceedings.

What Are the Likely Consequences of Drug Distribution Crimes in Baltimore?

Possession of drugs with the intent to distribute is considered a very serious crime in Maryland. If you’ve been charged with possession and the intent to distribute, you’ll likely be facing a felony charge, and you could be sentenced with 5 to 40 years of jail time. Moreover, you may be fined between $10,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the severity of the accused crime. Consider hiring a criminal defense attorney to mitigate the consequences of a “possession of drugs with the intent to distribute” accusation.

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Hiring a criminal defense attorney earns you certain protections. A drug distribution crime lawyer has their client’s best interests in mind. They’ll fight on your behalf to ensure that you don’t receive unwarranted treatment from the police. Moreover, as court proceedings near, a criminal defense lawyer will ensure that all necessary paperwork is properly filed. Before and during court proceedings, your lawyer will attempt to have your charges lessened or entirely dropped. They’ll also strive to ensure that any sentencing applied to the accused is minimal.

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