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The importance of a college education in today’s society cannot be overstated. The vast majority of employers expect some type of degree before even considering an applicant, making a student’s time at Towson University is an all-important step toward success. Unfortunately, this success can be easily jeopardized by mistakes and misunderstandings during the student’s time at college, effectively allowing allegations of things like drug possession to derail the course of their life. During one of these incredibly difficult times, turning to an expert is probably your best course of action.

The experienced legal representation found at the Law Office of Randolph Rice, former assistant state’s attorney, can help you go into any situation prepared to defend yourself or your child. With more than a decade of legal practice in both civil and criminal trials, Randolph Rice has the skills needed to defend against any charge. Call (410) 834-1350 today or visit us online to set up your free consultation.

Criminal Drug Possession Under Maryland Law

Although the term “possession” would seem to imply that a person has drugs physically on their person, the reality is that it applies to any situation where a person is in a position to exercise control over the items in question. This means possession applies to drugs found in your car, on your kitchen counter, or sitting in your lap. For this reason, charges of possession sometimes have a significant grey area that can provide an opening for a defense.

Depending on the type of drug and the amount on hand, charges of possession can range from the relatively minor to the very serious. For example, possessing 10 grams of marijuana or less has been decriminalized in Maryland, meaning that it carries a maximum civil penalty of $100.; however, more than that amount can lead to as much as one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Having more than 50 pounds is considered a felony and carries a penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine up to $100,000.

Possessing any other controlled substance, regardless of the amount, is considered a misdemeanor in Maryland, punishable by as much as 4 years in prison and a $25,000 fine. In practice, the final penalties rely on the actual amount of the drug on hand and whether the accused has a criminal record. If you have a significant amount – i.e. enough to suggest an intent to distribute – you will likely face felony charges that can carry a hefty sentence.

As you can see, having anything other than a very small amount of marijuana in your possession can very easily lead to criminal charges that could tarnish your reputation for the rest of your life. Turning to a skilled legal representative can help you avoid this worst-case scenario.

Fighting Charges of Criminal Drug Possession at Towson U

College life can be more than a little messy. Considering the frequency of parties, the perpetual presence of roommates, the mercurial living arrangements, and the constant swirl of rumors that circulate around campus, it doesn’t take much effort to imagine scenarios in which drugs could end up where they shouldn’t. And yet, in order for law enforcement to successfully charge you with drug possession, they must prove your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which is the highest burden of proof in the American legal system. A skilled attorney can parse the details of your cases and come up with any number of scenarios that cast doubt onto the prosecution’s argument.

If the case is on shaky ground, law enforcement will likely offer some sort of plea deal, or they may even dismiss the charges altogether. This is especially true on a first offense; if you do not have a criminal history of any kind, the prosecution is much more likely to use leniency in your particular case.

There are also instances where the discovery of drugs can be called into question. Police officers are required to uphold the rights of citizens against unreasonable search and seizure; violation of these rights can lead any evidence found to be thrown out. There are very specific situations where an officer can find a legitimate reason to conduct a search, called “probable cause.” Failure to clearly establish this facet of the case can create a significant weakness in the accusations against you, a weakness that can be exploited by a savvy defense lawyer.

Attorney Defending Towson University Students Against Drug Possession Charges

Criminal charges of any kind can ruin a very promising career, a tragic turn of events made worse when those accusations are unfounded. Randolph Rice and his staff are prepared to use their years of legal experience to mount any defense in an effort to prove your innocence. To defend your future and refute hurtful charges of drug possession, contact Rice, Murtha & Psoras and set up your free consultation. Visit us online or reach us by phone at (410) 834-1350 today.


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