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Edgemere is a community in Baltimore County, of which 47% of its total area is water. Even with the small population of Edgemere, people can still find themselves entangled in the criminal justice system. If you are facing charges an criminal lawyer in Edgemere can help you.

Baltimore County Court Houses

Baltimore County has three District Courts located in Towson, Essex and Catonsville. If you are charged with a motor vehicle violation, misdemeanor or certain felonies you will need to appear at one of the locations. They all operate Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 except for legal holidays. The Essex and Catonsville locations offer free parking on site and the Towson District Court has garage parking. If arriving by bus, the Essex location is accessible by number 4 and the Catonsville location is accessible by number 77. Knowing when and where to arrive for your hearings is the first step to a successful defense.

Common Criminal Offenses in Edgemere

Drug Charges

You can be charged with several different offenses just by possessing one type of drug. Possession itself is a charge, then there is intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia. The type of drugs and the amount you are arrested with can determine what charge you will be facing. If the substance falls under the Schedule 1 or 2 charge, which includes heroin, cocaine, crack, LSD, methamphetamine, and ecstasy, the penalty can be increased drastically. If the prosecution can prove that you were in possession with intent to distribute or manufacture, the sentence will often be more severe than plain and simple possession. There are many factors that go into drug charges, an Edgemere attorney can walk you through your course of action.

Domestic Violence

No matter if you have been a victim of domestic violence or been accused of domestic violence, an attorney can help. If you have been a victim of domestic violence legal remedies such as restraining orders and protective orders are possible to get. Restraining orders are typically temporary until the victim of the abuse can receive a protective order from the court. The order can include prohibiting the defendant from coming into contact with the victim. Now if you are the defendant these protective orders can be very restrictive limiting availability to the home and the rest of the family. Either way, if you have been involved in domestic violence do not go to court alone.


Murder is the most serious charge that can carry a punishment of up to life in prison or even the death penalty. With severe consequences, it is important to provide a rock-solid defense. When defending a murder charge, there are options, such as: self-defense, duress, and insanity. When claiming a defense of duress, essentially you are admitting that you committed the crime, but state that you were forced to do it under a threat of violence. In order to prove duress, the threat must be real, imminent and inescapable. If you are facing a murder or manslaughter charge, call the Law Offices of Randolph Rice for a free consultation on possible defenses.

Frequently Asked Questions for a Criminal Lawyer in Edgemere

What is a PBJ?

PBJ stands for probation before judgment and means that the defendant is placed on probation before the judgment is entered. The probation can be supervised or unsupervised and can last for a maximum of three years. In traffic cases, a PBJ can be beneficial because points will not be accessed to the license due to the PBJ not being public record. Furthermore, a PBJ is capable of being expunged, unless the charge was a DUI or DWI. However, in order to receive a PBJ, you must waive your right to appeal. There are pros and cons to accepting a probation before judgment. You should discuss these pros and cons with a skilled Edgemere lawyer.

Will my driver’s license be suspended if I have been arrested for driving under the influence?

Under the Maryland criminal code, if you submitted to the chemical test and your blood alcohol content is between .08 and .14, your license will be suspended for 180 days for first and subsequent offenses. If the results are .15 or more for a first-time offense the suspension is 180 and for subsequent offenses, it is 270 days. If you refuse to submit to a chemical test your license will be suspended 270 days for a first offense or two years if it is a second offense. There are ways to avoid having your license suspended that requires going to court. Call an experienced Edgemere criminal attorney to talk about your case.

How will my sentence be determined?

After you have been found guilty the next step is to be sentenced. Very often the sentencing hearing is scheduled on a future date. A judge, not a jury will determine the sentence that you will receive. Judges follow sentencing guidelines that are rules to apply when sentencing most criminal offenses. Depending on the offense there can be a mandatory minimum that the judge must impose when sentencing. The judge can also impose fines and probation when determining the sentence. If you are facing criminal charges, its best to get a handle of it quickly. Contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice who will walk you through possible outcomes and punishments.

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When facing criminal charges, ideally, we all want it to just disappear. Unfortunately, charges don’t normally just get dropped. So, if you have been charged call an experienced Edgemere criminal lawyer to assist in your defense.


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