Expungement Workshop

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Free workshop

Date and Time:

Friday, April 5, 2019


Law Offices Of Randolph Rice
6914 Holabird Avenue, Suite A
Baltimore, Maryland 21222-1747


Drop by our free expungement workshop and our attorneys will help you fill out the paperwork needed to get your records expunged. We’ll check your records to see which cases are eligible for expungement and make sure the forms are filled out correctly.

Our criminal defense attorney will also be available to answer any questions you have about expungement, including:

  1. How an expungement works
  2. What crimes can be expunged
  3. What crimes cannot be expunged
  4. What determines eligibility for an expungement
  5. Why your expungement application might be denied
  6. Whether an expunged record can be used against you
  7. Whether expunged records show up on background checks
  8. How long it takes to get a charge expunged
  9. How much an expungement costs

Randolph Rice is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney with the Law Offices of Randolph Rice in Maryland. He handles such cases as expungement, assault, DUI/ DWI, car accidents and wrongful death. Randolph Rice can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Walk-ins welcome.

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