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Federal Hill is located in Baltimore City and is known for its nightlife. Federal Hill is home to the Cross Street Market, which is a hub for social and commercial connections. It can be fun to spend a day exploring all the businesses located in the area. However, what is not fun is facing criminal charges from one poor decision. If you have been arrested or charged, call a Federal Hill criminal attorney.

Court House Locations in Baltimore

If you are arrested in Federal Hill there are several District Court locations to consider. The courthouse located most closely to Federal Hill is on East Fayette Street and offers street or garage parking. The other District Court locations are on Wabash Avenue, E. North Avenue, and E. Patapsco Avenue. All courthouses operate from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Circuit court, which handles appeals from the District Court and other original jurisdiction cases, is located on North Calvert Street.

Common Offenses


In Maryland arson and burning statutes are contained in Title 6 of the Maryland Criminal Code. Within the code, the following offenses are outlined: arson in the first and second degree, malicious burning in the first and second degrees, burning with the intent to defraud, the threat of arson, burning a trash container and attempting to burn a structure of the property. Arson can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on the severity of the case. If found guilty, you could be facing jail time, fines and even probation ranging from one to five years. Arson is a serious offense that needs to be defended properly, so call a skilled Federal Hill attorney.

Motor vehicle accidents

Whether you have been in a truck, motorcycle, boat or car collision you could be facing life-changing injuries, not to mention significant costs. If you have been the victim in a car accident there are many things to consider such as your medical bills, cost of your car and any property damage that could have occurred. One of the options open to you is a lawsuit to help cover your costs. This can be a stressful process, especially if you lack adequate health care coverage. You don’t have to go at it alone, an experienced Federal Hill criminal lawyer can help you.

Gun crimes

In Maryland, gun crimes are covered under Title 4 of the criminal code. Residents of Maryland are prohibited from transporting an assault pistol into the state, as well as, possessing, selling or buying assault pistols in Maryland. Under 4-102 it is illegal to possess a deadly weapon on the grounds of a public school. Unless you qualify under an exception it is also illegal to carry a handgun, no matter if it is concealed or open carry. If you are found violating any of these laws, your punishment can range from a misdemeanor to felony charges. If you have been charged with any of these firearm crimes, call for a free consultation from a Federal Hill criminal lawyer.

Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

The terms misdemeanor and felony are just two terms used to classify crimes. Misdemeanors are punishable by fines and jail time. Normally the fines are more severe and the jail time is for less than a year. This means that the defendant would serve the time in a county or state jail, rather than a state or federal prison. On the other hand, felonies are the most serious classification of crimes. Felonies are punishable by fines and prison sentences that exceed one year. Even though felonies carry more serious punishments, both classifications are permanent and serious on your record. Contact a skilled Federal Hill criminal lawyer to help fight for you.

If I have a criminal record, how will that affect my current charge?

If you have a previous criminal record that may affect the prosecutor’s decision whether to charge and what crime to charge. For example, if you have been previously charged with theft, the prosecutor could choose to charge it as a felony, rather than a misdemeanor. It could also come into play when determining sentencing if you were to be found guilty. If you have previously been found guilty of a DUI, a second conviction means steeper fines and longer mandatory jail time. Don’t let the prosecution railroad you into looking guilty just because of your past crimes. Allow a Federal Hill criminal lawyer to fight for you.

Do I have to testify in my own defense?

Whether the defendant testifies in his own case is a tough question. It is a decision that should be decided by you and your lawyer. When defendants do not testify the jury is told not to infer anything from the defendant’s silence, however, sometimes it’s better to tell your side of the story. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. If you are charged with a crime and want to take the stand to tell your story, discuss it with your attorney. An experienced attorney will be able to provide guidance as to the pros and cons of you testifying for your own defense. Call Rice, Murtha & Psoras for a free consultation.

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