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Hampstead is a small town in Carroll County that was named “Safest Place to Live in Maryland” by Movoto. With that being said, crime can and still does occur. Poor decisions can result in serious consequences such as jail time or expensive fines. If you have found yourself facing criminal charges, you need a skilled attorney by your side. Call an experienced Hampstead lawyer today.

Carroll County Court Houses

Carroll County has one District Court and one Circuit Court, both located in Westminster. Westminster being only a 15-minute drive from Westminster makes traveling to court one less hassle. The hours of operation for both locations are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays. When you are charged with a crime you will receive a notice instructing you when and where to appear for your hearing. If you have been charged with a traffic violation, a misdemeanor or a felony you will more than likely appear in front of a District Court judge.

Common Offenses


In Maryland, burglary is defined as the breaking and entering of a structure with the intent to commit a felony or other crime. The Maryland statute has four degrees of burglary, with Hampstead Maryland - Hampstead Criminal Defense Lawyerfourth degree being the less serious. The most serious is first degree that applies to “dwelling house” with the intention of committing a crime therein. If you have been caught entering a dwelling while committing another crime, you still have hope. There are defenses to burglary such as consent, coercion, entrapment, and duress. If you have been arrested or charged with the crime of burglary call an attorney immediately to increase your chances of mitigating the results.

Domestic Violence

No matter if you have been a victim of domestic violence or been accused of domestic violence, an attorney can help. If you have been a victim of domestic violence legal remedies such as restraining orders and protective orders are feasible. Restraining orders are typically temporary until the victim can receive a protective order from the court. The order can include prohibiting the defendant from coming into contact with the victim. Now if you are the defendant these protective orders can be very restrictive limiting availability to the home and the rest of the family. Either way, if you have been involved in domestic violence do not go to court alone.

Motor vehicle accidents

Whether you have been in a truck, motorcycle, boat or car collision you could be facing life changing injuries, not to mention significant costs. If you have been the victim in a car accident there are many things to consider such as your medical bills, cost of your car and any property damage that could have occurred. One of the options open to you is a lawsuit to help cover your costs. This can be a stressful process, especially if you lack adequate health care coverage. You don’t have to go at it alone, an experienced Hampstead criminal lawyer can help you.

Questions and Answers

I’m on probation and have been charged with another crime, now what?

When placed on probation there are often many different conditions that you must abide by. One of the conditions will always be to not break any other laws. So, if you are on probation and are charged with a new crime it can be considered a violation of probation. In order to make this determination, a hearing will be held for the prosecution to prove that a new offense or violation has been committed. Even if the charges end up getting dropped, you may still have to deal with the violation of probation hearing. The judge may just reinstate the probation, but the judge may also enforce further punishment. If you are on probation and have been charged with a new offense, call an experience Hampstead criminal attorney.

What are Miranda rights and what if the police did not read it to me?

Miranda rights are the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney when arrested. These rights are derived from the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to protect yourself against self- incrimination and the right to have a lawyer. If you were arrested and not informed of your Miranda rights this could significantly impact the outcome of your case. If these rights were not explained and any evidence is obtained while you are in custody the evidence may be inadmissible at trial. If you have been arrested, you need a defense attorney to protect your rights. Call the Law Offices of Randolph Rice immediately.

The person who called the police does not want to prosecute, does that mean my charges will be dropped?

Just because the person who called the police doesn’t want to proceed with the charges does not mean they will be dropped. Oftentimes, the complaining witness backs out because they are scared. Before just dropping charges the State will often re-evaluate their evidence to determine if there is enough to move forward. This is especially true in domestic violence cases due to the seriousness of the charge and the relationship of the parties. However, with no complaining witness, it may be hard to proceed and find you guilty. You should discuss all of this with an experienced Hampstead criminal lawyer.

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