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Knowing the list of Maryland regulated firearms is important when defending a criminal charge. Maryland attorney Randolph Rice is constantly reviewing this list. Knowing which guns are allowed and not allowed in Maryland provides a more exact defense for his clients.
Contained in Maryland Public Safety 5-101 is the list of regulated firearms in Maryland.

What are the Maryland Regulated Firearms?

In Maryland, regulated firearms include (Updated May 2017):

  1. a handgun (handgun means a firearm with a barrel less than 16 inches in length and includes signal, starter, and blank pistols)
  2. a firearm that is any of the following specific assault weapons or their copies, regardless of which company produced and manufactured that assault weapon:
    1. American Arms Spectre da Semiautomatic carbine;
    2. AK–47 in all forms;
    3. Algimec AGM–1 type semi–auto;
    4. AR 100 type semi–auto;
    5. AR 180 type semi–auto;
    6. Argentine L.S.R. semi–auto;
    7. Australian Automatic Arms SAR type semi–auto;
    8. Auto–Ordnance Thompson M1 and 1927 semi–automatics;
    9. Barrett light .50 cal. semi–auto;
    10. Beretta AR70 type semi–auto;
    11. Bushmaster semi–auto rifle;
    12. Calico models M–100 and M–900;
    13. CIS SR 88 type semi–auto;
    14. Claridge HI TEC C–9 carbines;
    15. Colt AR–15, CAR–15, and all imitations except Colt AR–15 Sporter H–BAR rifle;
    16. Daewoo MAX 1 and MAX 2, aka AR 100, 110C, K–1, and K–2;
    17. Dragunov Chinese made semi–auto;
    18. Famas semi–auto (.223 caliber);
    19. Feather AT–9 semi–auto;
    20. FN LAR and FN FAL assault rifle;
    21. FNC semi–auto type carbine;
    22. F.I.E./Franchi LAW 12 and SPAS 12 assault shotgun;
    23. Steyr–AUG–SA semi–auto;
    24. Galil models AR and ARM semi–auto;
    25. Heckler and Koch HK–91 A3, HK–93 A2, HK–94 A2 and A3;
    26. Holmes model 88 shotgun;
    27. Avtomat Kalashnikov semiautomatic rifle in any format;
    28. Manchester Arms “Commando” MK–45, MK–9;
    29. Mandell TAC–1 semi–auto carbine;
    30. Mossberg model 500 Bullpup assault shotgun;
    31. Sterling Mark 6;
    32. P.A.W.S. carbine;
    33. Ruger mini–14 folding stock model (.223 caliber);
    34. SIG 550/551 assault rifle (.223 caliber);
    35. SKS with detachable magazine;
    36. AP–74 Commando type semi–auto;
    37. Springfield Armory BM–59, SAR–48, G3, SAR–3, M–21 sniper rifle, M1A, excluding the M1 Garand;
    38. Street sweeper assault type shotgun;
    39. Striker 12 assault shotgun in all formats;
    40. Unique F11 semi–auto type;
    41. Daewoo USAS 12 semi–auto shotgun;
    42. UZI 9mm carbine or rifle;
    43. Valmet M–76 and M–78 semi–auto;
    44. Weaver Arms “Nighthawk” semi–auto carbine; or
    45. Wilkinson Arms 9mm semi–auto “Terry”.

Possession of a Regulated Firearm in Maryland


Penalty for Possession of Maryland Regulated Firearms

If a person is found guilty of possessing a regulated firearm in Maryland, the Judge can sentence the defendant to imprisonment for not less than 5 years and not exceeding 15 years. The Judge may not suspend any part of the mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years and the person may not eligible for parole during the mandatory minimum sentence.

Is Possesion of a Regualte Firearm in Maryland a Felony or Misdemeanor?

Possession of a regulated firearm is classified as a felony in Maryland.

Sale, Rental or Transfer of a Regulated Firearm in Maryland

Penalty for the Sale, Rental or Transfer of Maryland Regulated Firearms

The penalty for the sale rental, or transfer or a regulated firearm in Maryland is imprisonment not exceeding 1 year or a fine not exceeding $1,000 or both.

Is Sale, Rental or Transfer of a Regulated Firearm in Maryland a Felony or Misdemeanor?

The sale, rental or transfer of a regulated firearm in Maryland is classified as a misdemeanor.

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