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Street, Maryland is a small community in Harford County. If you reside in this area and are facing criminal charges, you know it is not a pleasant experience. The entire process can take years and impose upon your daily life. Do not go at it alone, call an experienced Street criminal attorney to help.

Courts in Harford County, Maryland

When being charged and arrested, the first step to getting ahead of it is to know where to go to file paperwork and ask questions. In Harford County, there is one District Court and one Circuit Court, both located in Bel Air. The courts are a short drive from the court houses, that both offer parking for a fee at garages. Which courthouse you attend, depends on the charges that you are facing. The District Court handles many different cases including motor vehicle violations, misdemeanors, and felonies.

Defenses to Offenses


If you have been charged with assault, there are several different routes to take. There is an argument of self-defense where you claim to have used physical force because you were protecting yourself or someone else from physical harm. In order to prove self- defense, you will have to use witness testimony and any other evidence available to establish that you were indeed protecting yourself to a reasonable manner. Assault, depending on first or second degree, can carry very severe punishments. So, if there is no evidence to rebut the charge of self-defense, there is also an option of a plea bargain. These two options are serious considerations and should be talked through with an experienced Street criminal attorney.


Murder is a serious charge that can carry a punishment of up to life in prison. With severe consequences, it is important to provide a rock-solid defense. When defending a murder charge, there are options, such as; self-defense, duress, and insanity. When claiming a defense of duress, essentially you are admitting that you committed the crime, but state that you were forced to do it under a threat of violence. In order to prove duress, the threat must be real, imminent and inescapable. If you are facing a murder or manslaughter charge, call the Law Offices of Randolph Rice for a free consultation on possible defenses.

Driving on a suspended license

Driving on a suspended license can carry a penalty of a year in jail and/or a $500 fine, depending on the section of the Maryland code you are charged under. One of the most popular defenses to driving while suspended is that the defendant did not receive the notice. In order to prove this, you must show that you, in fact, did not know, rather than not just willfully ignoring the notice that has been mailed to you. Another defense is that the initial traffic stop was not based on probable cause, therefore, making the secondary citation of driving while suspended null. Both of these defenses are complicated, so call a skilled Street lawyer to ensure the best results.

What will happen after I am arrested?

After you are arrested, you will be taken in front of a District Court commissioner to determine if there is probable cause to charge you. Once charged, there can be many different court hearings, whether for bail or motions to dismiss or alter the charges. During the process, there may be an option to settle and enter a plea deal, meaning you can plead guilty for a guaranteed lesser sentence. However, if you choose to go to trial and are convicted, there will later be a sentencing hearing where the judge will determine what your punishment will be. If you are not familiar with the process it can be complicated and confusing. Call a Street criminal lawyer who is familiar with the process to ensure the best results possible.

What happens if I fail to appear to my court date?

If you fail to appear for your court date, the court could issue one of three things; reissue a summons for your appearance, issue a show cause or issue a bench warrant. If a summons is served upon you, you must show up for the next court appearance or else a warrant could be issued. If a warrant is issued you must turn yourself in to the police or have a defense attorney file a motion to quash the warrant and ask the Court to reissue a summons. Failing to appear can be taken very seriously by the court for wasting their time. Call a defense attorney to keep your case on track.

How does bail work?

Bail is money that is paid to the court to ensure that an arrested person who is released from jail will show up for their future court appearances. Bail may be posted by yourself, someone else over 18 years old or a bondsman. If you do not appear for the scheduled appearance, bail is forfeited and a warrant for your arrest will be issued. Bail does not have to be just money, it can also be posted in form of property or credit cards. You do not need a lawyer to post bail, but having a lawyer by your side will offer professional legal advice and defend your interests.

Allow a Criminal Lawyer Assist in Your Defense

Being charged or arrested can greatly hinder your everyday life and can cause unneeded stress. There can be many different punishments that can empty your bank account or place you in prison. To help assuage some of the stress, call a Street criminal attorney today.


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