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If you’re pulled over by a police officer, the first thing that happens is your heart starts to race and you begin to worry; “Did I miss a stop sign, how fast was I going?” Calm down and provide the officer your license, insurance card, registration, and that is all you should provide. If you’ve violated a traffic offense, no need to tell the officer all other things you have done wrong, he might just add that to the list of tickets he or she is about to issue.

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What to do After Being Issued a Traffic Ticket

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Will You Get Jail Time for a Traffic Violation in Maryland?

If a driver has committed a serious driving infraction, they may be sentenced to jail time. These serious infractions are considered criminal, and the driver who has been accused of the infraction will have to face a trial. Seek out protection from a criminal defense attorney if you’ve been accused of a serious traffic violation that may result in jail time. For instance, DUIs and DWIs can result in jail time.

The Fines and Fees Can be High

A traffic violation comes with a fine. The amount of the fine charged for a traffic violation depends on the severity of the violation. If you’ve been accused of a serious traffic violation that results in a criminal court case, you’ll also be responsible for covering court fees on top of any sentenced fine. In this scenario, you’ll likely benefit from hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Criminal defense lawyers can aid you in reducing any fees or jail time assigned in your sentence, reducing your traffic violation charge, or possibly having a traffic violation charge dropped completely.

How Do MVA Points Work in Maryland?

You can use our Maryland Schedule of Pre-Set Fines, Points, and or Penalties for MVA offenses. Open the document and find your Transportation Article Section in the schedule and the maximum fine and points assigned to that violation.

Be mindful that you also should be as nice as possible to the officer. He or she is risking his/her life on the side of road. With traffic rushing by and the unknown of who is sitting in your care, give him or her a break and treat then with courtesy and respect and he or she will in turn show you the same amount of respect.

How Many Points Will be Assigned on Your Driver’s License?

On top of all other consequences that may follow a traffic violation, a driver may be issued a number of points for their traffic violations. The amount of points issued depends on the severity of the infraction.

In the Maryland driver’s license point system, traffic violation points remain on your record indefinitely unless they’re expunged by a judge. Generally speaking, your last two years’ worth of traffic violations can only affect the severity of sentencing added to a traffic violation.

If you receive multiple violation points within a two-year period, you may have additional costs and consequences added to your ticket. This is how the traffic violation point system works here in Maryland:

  • For traffic violations resulting in less than 2 points within a two year time frame: a driver won’t incur any additional consequences on top of their traffic violation ticketing.
  • For traffic violations resulting in 3 to 4 points within a two year time frame: a driver will also be issued a written caution on top of their traffic violation ticketing. This is a friendly reminder that further violations will result in more severe consequences.
  • For traffic violations resulting in 5 to 7 points within a two year time frame: a driver will be required to attend a Points System Conference or complete a program entitled a “Driver Improvement Program.” These programs are offered by third-party groups, and they certify that drivers have taken the course. Fees for these courses can vary.
  • For traffic violations resulting in 8 to 11 points within a two year time frame: a driver who has incurred 8 to 11 points within two years will have their driver’s license suspended. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration – or MVA – will determine the amount of time of the driver’s license suspension.
  • For traffic violations resulting in 12 points or more within a two year time frame: a driver will have their license completely revoked by the MVA. Only after a certain time – the revocation period – may that driver apply for a new driver’s license.

Note that points are only added to a driver’s record if that driver is convicted of a traffic violation. Seek protection from a traffic violations lawyer here at Rice Law if you believe you have been unjustly accused of a traffic violation.

License Suspension

Again, depending on the severity of the traffic violation, a driver may have his or her license suspended or revoked. For example, many DUI / DWI charges result in a suspension of one’s driver’s license – as well as all of the aforementioned consequences.

How Much Does Your Insurance Go Up After a Traffic Ticket in Maryland?

Your insurance company may up its premiums if you’ve been charged with a traffic violation. The amount depends largely on your insurance provider, the amount of traffic violations that have been committed, and the severity of those violations.

Other Sentencing

In addition to all aforementioned sentencing that can be applied to traffic law violators, serious traffic offenses may result in sentencing including community service, drug or alcohol rehabilitation, driving school, or probation. Probation is often assigned to criminal traffic violators who plead guilty to a criminal traffic infraction.

Types of Traffic Violations in Maryland that we Handle

DUI and DWI Violations

DUI and DWI citations may be imposed on people who have consumed alcohol or are under the influence of drugs while they are operating a vehicle. These violations are comparatively serious, and they are considered criminal charges.


If an you’re caught speeding by a police officer, they may issue a speeding ticket. Speeding ticket penalties vary depending on the amount of one’s transit speed over the speed limit.

Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving

Reckless driving and negligent driving citations may be issued for a number of reasons. For example, if a driver is weaving across lanes of traffic, he or she may be issued a reckless driving ticket.

Seat Belt Violations

Drivers and passengers are required by law to wear seatbelts while in a moving motor vehicle. You may be issued a seat belt violation ticket if an officer notices that you or a passenger is unbelted while the vehicle is moving.

Child Restraint Violations

Similar to a seat belt violation, a child restraint violation citation may be issued if your child is unrestrained or improperly restrained in a moving vehicle. Use proper child safety restraints in your vehicle to avoid a citation.

Mechanical Violations

Maryland traffic law requires that a vehicle has standardized equipment for safety purposes. This equipment includes brakes, a horn, lights (including operating headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and license plate lights), a muffler, mirrors, seat belts, tires, and proper windows. Any vehicle missing any one or more of these pieces of equipment may result in a mechanical violation citation. Additionally, if the aforementioned equipment is broken or misused, a driver may also be cited for a mechanical violation.

Hit & Run or Leaving the Scene of an Accident

If a driver is part of an accident, and flees the scene of the accident, they may be issued with a hit & run or leaving the scene of an accident citation.

Driving Without a License

Drivers are required to be licensed, and they’re required to carry and reveal their driver’s license upon request by a police officer. Failure to do so may result in a driving without a license citation.

Driving With a Suspended License

Similarly, drivers are required to have a license that is not suspended. Driver’s licenses may be suspended for various traffic violations, and driving with a suspended license is a further infraction of traffic law.

Driving With a Revoked License

A person may not drive a motor vehicle on any highway or on any property specified in § 21-101.1 of this article while the person’s license or privilege to drive is revoked in this Maryland.

Refusal to Provide a Driver’s License

If you’ve been asked for a driver’s license during a suspected traffic violation, and you refused to give an officer your driver’s license, you may have been issued with a misdemeanor charge for your violation.

Driving Without Insurance or Insufficient Insurance

Drivers are required to be insured. If a driver isn’t covered by sufficient car insurance, they may be issued a driving without insurance or insufficient insurance citation.

Driving Without Vehicle Registration

Before a vehicle may be legally operated, it must be registered with the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Failure to register a vehicle can result in a driving without vehicle registration citation.

Driving With an Expired Vehicle Registration

Likewise, if a vehicle is operated under an expired registration, it is a violation of traffic law and a ticket may be issued for the infraction.

Performing an Illegal U-Turn or Left Turn

According to state statute 21-402, a U-turn can only be legally performed so long as the driver yields the right-of-way to approaching vehicles. Failure to do so can result in a traffic violation citation.

Unlawful Vehicle Modification

If a vehicle is modified in an illegal manner, the driver may be issued a traffic violation citation. There are numerous infractions that are considered illegal vehicle modifications; for example, cutting off or modifying a vehicle’s muffler.

Our Traffic Lawyers Can Help

We have proven tactics to help you keep your license and ensure that you do no receive or reduce the points on your license. Each courtroom is different and each Judge likes to see specific information and activities by each driver. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the complicated landscape of the Courts.


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