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Westminster is a city in Maryland and a suburb to the Baltimore and Washington D.C areas. In Downtown Westminster, there is a fun environment for shopping and eating at local businesses. With all of the hustle and bustle of the surrounding areas, one slip in judgment could greatly affect your future. If you find yourself facing charges call a Westminster Criminal Lawyer for a consultation.

Courts in Westminster, Maryland

Westminster is located in Carroll County, Maryland, which has one District Court, Circuit Court, and an Orphan’s Court. All three courts are located off of MD 140, on North Court Street. T

he Orphans’ Court is located inside the Circuit Court in Room 124 and has jurisdiction over guardianship of minors. The Circuit Court is a trial of general jurisdiction, meaning that the Court handles juvenile, family law, civil and criminal cases. The Circuit Court also has appellate jurisdiction over the District Court.

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Under Maryland law, theft occurs when a person knowingly exerts unauthorized control over the property if the person intends to deprive the owner of the property, or willfully or knowingly uses, conceals or abandons the property in a way that deprives the actual owner of the property.

Theft can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the monetary value of the property stolen. If the property is worth less than $1,000, it is misdemeanor theft and punishable by no more than 90 days or a fine of not more than $500. There are multiple defenses to the charge of theft. Contact an experienced Westminster Criminal Attorney today to discuss your options.

Family Law

Family law encompasses the subject matter of divorce and child custody. When filing for divorce in Maryland you can file for fault or no-fault divorce. Child custody proceedings determine the legal and physical custody and visitations of children.

This determination takes in many factors such as the character and fitness of each parent, the age of the child, the ability to provide a stable home and the preference of the child involved, provided they are old enough to make that determination. When dealing with family matters emotions can run high, so be sure to hire an attorney that is compassionate but will help you to remain objective during the proceeding.

Traffic Violations

Have you ever been sitting on the side of the road, pulled over, asking the officer why you were pulled over? Well, there are hundreds of traffic violations that one could face in Maryland. Even though there are hundreds of violations, there are only two types of traffic tickets: payable and must appear.

Payable tickets, like they sound, may be paid at the District Court. Must appear tickets carry the possibility of jail time and should be taken very seriously. When facing traffic violations, there can be monetary consequences, including fines and increased insurance due to points. To avoid the worst outcome, call a Westminster criminal law attorney who will come to your defense.

Questions and Answers

What is the difference between a civil offense and a crime?

The difference between civil and criminal offenses is usually defined by the nature of the offense and the punishment that accompanies the conviction. Civil offenses implicate violations of administrative matters. On the other hand, criminal offenses emerge from violating state or federal laws.

Many people believe that traffic tickets are civil in nature. However, if the ticket stipulates to appear before the court or to pay a fine, failure to do so may cause a judge to issue a warrant for arrest. Minor legal matters can escalate quickly, be sure to call an attorney to walk you through the legal process.

Can I record an on-duty police officer?

Many people are turning to the action of recording officers when approached by them. However, there has been debate over the legality of the act of recording an officer.

When in an outdoor public space where you are legally present, you have the right to capture an image that is in plain view, including recording police officers. You have a right to videotape and audiotape police officers performing official duties in public including traffic stops.

If you are stopped or detained for taking photographs, remain police and state that you have the right to take the pictures or video.

Where can I find the cheapest criminal lawyer?

When facing criminal charges, one can face a whirlwind of emotions and have many questions. One of which may be “how will I afford a lawyer?”. The first instinct is to automatically look for the cheapest option around.

However, when your future is on the line, the cheapest is not always the best. The Law Offices of Randolph Rice can set your mind at ease by being transparent in its attorney’s fees. For criminal and traffic cases, including DUI and DWI, one flat fee is charged.

For personal injury cases, the charges are based on a contingency. Meaning the final fee is based on a percentage of the final settlement or verdict. This means that before even entering the court, you will know what the legal services will cost. Call a Westminster Criminal Lawyer to get a consultation and set your mind at ease over the legal fees.

Get The Assistance You Deserve

Being charged and arrested is a life-changing occurrence that can bring about many questions and fears. Receiving help in defense can greatly reduce the stress that comes with a charge. No matter the criminal matter, a Westminster criminal attorney can help.


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