Baltimore Police Facing Criminal Charges – Numerous Cases Affected

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Law enforcement officers are supposed to be the ones working to uphold the law and arrest violators, so it is always news when officers are the ones being accused of criminal offenses. Seven Baltimore officers are waiting behind bars for their trials where they will face charges for numerous crimes stemming from their work on the Gun Trace Task Force. Some of the charges include:

  • Racketeering
  • Extortion
  • Robbery
  • Drug distribution
  • Filing false reports
  • Overtime fraud

Allegedly, the officers would rob people at traffic stops or during home searches and would steal money that was seized as evidence. According to reports, the officers even made a video of them reenacting a home search to cover up the fact that they already stole $200,000 from the home’s safe. New allegations state the officers discussed this video and a plan to lie in court while they were jail.

The officers are far from the only criminal defendants affected by these charges. Prosecutors immediately began reviewing cases that were reported by the task force to determine whether facts were fabricated. Reports indicate that they are reviewing 50 open cases and 150 cases that have already been adjudicated. In 30 open cases, charges have already been dropped by prosecutors and 13 people were let out of jail as a result. They will continue to investigate whether convictions should be overturned.

It is important for criminal defense attorneys to stay aware of how the actions of law enforcement officers can affect the cases of their clients. If there is a chance an officer violated the law or a person’s constitutional rights, it can be used to defend against criminal charges.

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