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Maryland Marijuana/Marihuana Possession, Drug Possession Defense Attorney based in Baltimore, Maryland, If charged with possession of marijuana/marihuana, What should I do?

Q:  What should I doing in the state of Maryland if I am charged with possession of drugs, possession of marijuana/marihuana?

A: As a Baltimore based criminal defense, possession of drugs, possession of marihuana/marijuana defense attorney that has handled thousands of these types of cases, my first response is to tell every client to hire an attorney.  The reason for telling every client to request a trial is because you have to remember that the State of Maryland has the burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.   That standard applies in every case from murder to a speeding ticket.  If you were charged with armed robbery you wouldn’t make an admission of guilt, you would want to see what evidence the state has and if there are any possible defenses to your case.   You may request a trial by judge or jury and make the state either prove the case or enter into a plea negotiation with the state that gives you some sort of benefit for pleading guilty.

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Q:  Should I have an attorney present for the possession of drugs case?

A:  Yes, you should always have an attorney for any criminal charges.  The fee you pay an attorney is worth the avoidance of a conviction.  Call my office 410-288-2900 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your drug charges.  We can conduct the meeting in one of my offices or over the phone, so you don’t miss any work or take away your personal time by traveling. We can be reached at 410.288.2900 and ask for Attorney Randolph Rice.  An attorney can provide valuable legal advice on how best to either beat or reduce the effects of a possession of drugs charge in Maryland.

Available 24/7. Call 410.288.2900 for Immediate Help with your drug case in Maryland.

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