Ocean City Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer

ocean city maryland criminal defense lawyerOcean City Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer

Do you need an Ocean City Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer? Have you been charged with a crime, DUI, DWI, or traffic violation in Ocean City, Maryland? You want the best possible representation to defend your case.  Look no further, call attorney Randolph Rice at 410.288.2900 to discuss your case and what to do next.

Criminal Charges in Ocean City, Md.

Everyone loves heading down to the Ocean in the summer.  But often, when people drink too much or get into a bad situation, they find themselves in the custody of the Ocean City police department.  When this happens, you are worried about what will happen next? Will I go to jail? Do I have to return to Ocean City for my trial date? Will I be placed on probation? When is my trial date? Where is the Ocean City Courthouse?

Attorney Randolph Rice have been representing clients in Ocean City for years.  His experience in the Courtroom has earned him a reputation as someone that helps his clients resolve their cases with the best possible outcome.

Don’t take chances with criminal charges and the after affects.  A criminal conviction can follow you for the rest of your life.  If you don’t act responsibly, then a minor event can follow you around and prevent you from obtaining a good job or improving your life.

Who Do I Call? Attorney Randolph Rice 410.288.2900

Don’t let the trial date sneak up on you, call the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., today.  Ocean City Judges and prosecutors can be tough and you want someone fighting for your rights. If you have failed to appear for a trial date in Ocean City, we can help.  We can file a motion with the Court asking that your warrant be lifted and you be allowed to appear in Court by way of a summons.

Ocean City District Court

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City Maryland is a beach community in Worcester County, Maryland.  A sleepy town during the winter months, it becomes a hoping town during the summer. With visitors from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and other eastern shore States.  If you have been to Ocean City and been charged with a crime or traffic offense, you need to contact a lawyer that will fight for your case.