Possession of Marihuana (Marijuana) in Baltimore, Maryland, how do I beat the charges?

Have you been arrested for possession of marihuana / marijuana in Baltimore, Maryland, and you want to know how to beat the charges?

Hire a Baltimore marijuana and drug possession defense attorney.

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The answer to that questions all depends on the facts of the case.  Mainly, where were the drugs found in relation to you and what statements did you make to the police office before and after the drugs were found.  Also, when the police law analyzed the drugs, did they come back to be actual drugs.

Here is an example of a case I had this past week with a client in Baltimore.  He was driving with his friend in his grandmother’s car when a police officer claimed his front headlight was not aimed properly and in accordance with the Maryland traffic laws.  The police officer pulled the car over and when he approached my client’s window, the officers stated he could smell marijuana inside the compartment of the car.  The smell of marijuana is grounds for a police officer to search the interior of a vehicle.  The officer asked my client and his passenger out of the car and proceeded to search the vehicle.  The officer found, under the passenger’s seat, a bag of suspected marijuana.  My client as well as the passenger were arrested and charged with CDS: possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

When I reviewed the case I was immediately suspect of the place where the drugs were found. Even though the car was in control by my client, the drugs were found under the passenger’s seat.  In addition, when the client had the car taken to a repair shop the day after the traffic stop, the repair shop found that the headlights were aimed correctly.  This brings into question the credibility of the police officer and the traffic stop in general.

Once this point was presented to the State’s Attorney as well as the location of the drugs, I was able to convince the State’s Attorney to nolle prosequi or dropped all of the charges against my client.

If you are facing a charge of possession of marijuana, you could be facing a maximum fine of $1,000.00 and 1 year in jail.  If it is your first time, there are options in certain Counties to have you enter into a diversion program.  If you complete the program then your charges would be dropped or placed on the “Stet” docket.  In addition, if you are not eligible for diversion, we can help you in the defense of your case or obtaining a probation before judgment.  A probation before judgment can be expunged 3 years after your probation ends.  If you have previously received a probation before judgment (PBJ) in Maryland for a drug charge, you are not eligible for a second PBJ.

Contact the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, at 410-288-2900 to discuss your possession of marijuana / marihuana charges.  We can help and guide you through this process.  There are also mitigating defenses that can be presented to the Court if you use medical marijuana in Maryland.

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