Using an Alibi to Defend Against Criminal Charges

Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer

Simply put, an alibi defense is a defense against criminal allegations that states the defendant was in another place at the time of the crime, so they could not have possibly been involved in committing the crime. When you plan to claim an alibi, it is generally required that you notify the prosecution in advance during the discovery process so that they have the chance to investigate your alibi.


Presenting an alibi is fairly common, however, simply suggesting an alibi is not enough for this defense to be effective. Instead, you have to present evidence to support your alibi for it to help you. This does not mean that you must prove your alibi beyond a reasonable doubt or by any specific standard, however. It is still the prosecutor’s job to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and evidence of an alibi works to cast doubt on the prosecutor’s case against you.


Evidence Supporting an Alibi

Each alibi case is different and will involve different types of evidence, including one or more of the following:

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