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Baltimore Child Custody Attorney

Custody Lawyer in Maryland

If you’re in a battle over the custody of your child or children, we can aid you by representing you in a child custody dispute. We know how complex a divorce or separation can be, and we know that the added stress of custody disagreements can add unwanted stress to your situation. We’ll work with you to determine your personal goals for your child or children’s custody.

Results Oriented Representation

As your child custody law firm, we strive to provide you with optimum representation to attain your child custody goals. We’ll fight for your right to visit and care for your child or children, and we’ll fight to ensure you have adequate support for your guardianship.

Seek Optimum Custody, Visitation, & Support Rights

We know that you have your child’s best interests in mind. And we aim to aid you in ensuring that your child has proper support and safe, agreeable custody terms. You can count on our child custody attorney. Our child custody attorney will fight to ensure that you receive the custody rights, visitation rights, and/or financial support for your child or children.