Distracted Driving Causes Car Accidents in Maryland

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Distracted driving is the leading cause of accidents on Maryland highways. When concentration is a key to safe driving, a distracted driver can prove deadly when not paying attention to the road and other vehicles.

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Paying attention to the road is essential

All drivers are required to be constantly aware of the road and other vehicles around them. This means constantly checking mirrors as well as paying attention two objects and vehicles approaching.

The term distracted driving refers to anything that takes a driver’s eyes, hands or their attention away from driving.

Drivers should constantly check the positions of other vehicles behind, the side as well as in front of them as they are driving. Distracted drivers often miss important signs as well as failed to predict oncoming dangerous situations.

Common distracted driving activities

While there are numerous factors that can contribute to a car accident in Maryland, some of the most common distracted driving activities are:

  • Eating while attempting to operate a motor vehicle can distract the driver
  • Trying to drink or finding a drink with in the car can distract motor vehicle operation
  • A radio or other music system within the car being adjusted while operating the motor vehicle can contribute to distracted driving
  • Checking a GPS on the phone or an independent device
  • Turning around in the vehicle to attend to children
  • Pets within the vehicle can also distract a driver
  • Personal items within the vehicle, when a driver tries to obtain or reach those items
  • Smoking or using an electronic cigarette can distract the driver, including lighting a cigarette or cigar.
  • Makeup application by females is a common distraction or trying to operate a motor vehicle
  • Men attempting to shave while in the vehicle poses a dangerous situation
  • Attempting to read a book or magazine while driving a car can distract a driver from paying attention to the road
  • The most common distracted driving behavior for young adults is interacting with other people in the vehicle
  • Cell phones and smartphones are the most common distracting device within a vehicle.

Cell phone laws in Maryland

Maryland Transportation Article 21-1124.2 prohibits the use of hand-held cell phones, including texting while operating a vehicle in Maryland. While many drivers attempt to use hands-free devices, the dialing and hanging up of devices often distracts drivers, and tears their attention from the road.

It is always advisable that drivers should only use your cell phone in an emergency or have a passenger make a phone call period on alternative is pulling to the side of the road or exiting the road to make all phone calls.

If you’ve been hurt by a distracted driver, contact the Randolph Rice Injury Attorneys today to discuss your options.


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