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Divorce law in Maryland can very quickly become a lengthy and expensive process. The Baltimore divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Randolph Rice know that things can get a bit difficult during this emotionally tough time.

At Rice Law Firm, we help guide couples in Baltimore through the divorce process, helping them reach settlements, separate marital property, and provide legal assistance for child support hearings or child custody agreements. Our Baltimore divorce lawyers are compassionate and experienced. Learn how The Law Office of Randolph Rice can help guide you through this process.

Types of Divorce in Baltimore, MD

Maryland is unusual in having two types of divorce actions: a partial action, or limited divorce, to allow certain issues to be resolved and an absolute divorce.

Limited Divorce

A limited divorce is a legal procedure that permits the parties to have important marital issues resolved, but does not terminate the marriage. Spouses may file for limited divorce when they have financial matters like alimony, issues related to children or other marital issues that need to be addressed before the parties are eligible to file for an absolute divorce.

Absolute Divorce

An absolute divorce completely dissolves the marriage and usually resolves all related issues, including property. After an absolute divorce is finalized, the parties may remarry.

Residency Requirements and Grounds for Divorce in Baltimore

Maryland has some laws surrounding who is allowed to file for divorce. Some residency requirements must be met to file and get a divorce in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • To file for divorce in Maryland, one spouse must have lived in Maryland for at least one year before filing the divorce petition.
  • A couple divorcing in Maryland must have been living apart for a least a year before filing for divorce.

Grounds for Contested Divorce in Baltimore, Maryland

If the residency requirement is not met, the plaintiff must show that were fault grounds for the divorce. In other words, the party seeking the divorce must prove his or her spouse did something that led to the breakup of the marriage.

Maryland has specific grounds for a fault-based divorce which include:

  • Adultery
  • Insanity
  • Cruelty
  • Commitment to a mental institution
  • Vicious conduct

In Maryland, an uncontested, or no-fault divorce is one of the quickest ways to get divorced however, the spouses must agree on all aspects of the divorce. Our uncontested divorce attorneys in Baltimore have experience in navigating this type of divorce as well.

Why Do You Need an Experienced Baltimore Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce is anything but easy. On top of the stress of negotiating a separation agreement, you may be obligated to split up the marital property and monetary assets that you and your ex-spouse have shared. Hiring a divorce lawyer aids you by ensuring that you legally dissolve your marriage and receive a just amount of the aforementioned assets.

As your Baltimore divorce attorney, a representative from Rice Law Firm will take care of scheduling meetings, notifying you of proceedings, and filing paperwork to ensure that deadlines are appropriately met. Moreover, your divorce attorney can represent you if you should have to go to court over disagreements between you and your ex-spouse.

We’re The Law Office of Randolph Rice, your local Baltimore divorce attorney, and we represent clients throughout Baltimore County, Dundalk, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Rosedale.

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