Are you looking for a Maryland divorce lawyer? Key Questions for your Baltimore divorce lawyer.

If you are contemplating a divorce, the Maryland divorce lawyer at the Law Offices of Randolph Rice know things are a bit difficult. Not only do you have to deal with losing a spouse but also the stress of choosing the right lawyer. The best course of action is to look for a firm that is compassionate and experienced. You want your lawyer to be able to understand your plight and to do what is in your best interest. You need a lawyer who has been through all of this many times. The Law Office of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., has all of these necessary qualities and more.

Following are some of the key questions you need to ask your divorce attorney.

1. How much experience do you have?

You should always find out just how experienced your attorney is in divorce law. Do not make the mistake of thinking many years in general practice means they have divorce experience. Ask them specifically how many years they have practiced divorce and family law.

2. Are your clients largely satisfied?

Of course no lawyer can please every single client. Nevertheless, your potential divorce lawyer should be able to point to a number of glowing references to demonstrate that clients are largely pleased with the firm.

3. Do you provide mediation services?

You might want a Baltimore divorce lawyer to serve as mediator between you and your estranged spouse. These discussions can be about child support, alimony, custody or whatever issues have arisen because of the divorce.

4. Do we have to be totally adversarial toward the other side?

Some lawyers seek to destroy the other side. Others want the divorcing parties to be amicable. In general, you will find the average Maryland divorce lawyer somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

5. How are fees billed?

Some attorneys charge by the hour for divorce work. This is to your advantage because you pay exactly for what you need done.

Why Choose Our Office for a Maryland Divorce Lawyer

The Law Office of Randolph Rice, should be you first choice because we have both the compassion and experience to serve your best interests from the beginning to end of the entire divorce process. You will need such a legal representative by your side. Divorces are complex and can get quite messy. Emotions are high on both sides. We help you remain calm and objective to ensure that you walk away from the marriage with your self-respect and rightful share of household assets.

Attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr., knows Maryland law well. He attended the University of Maryland Law School (Third Year), while receiving his degree from Loyola University in 2006. He chose Maryland over other areas because of his extensive ties here.

1. Among many accolades, Attorney Rice was chosen the Best Lawyer in Baltimore by CitySpur in both 2010 and 2012.

2. The firm is committed to providing an excellent service. Unlike many others, we are not afraid of going all the way to trial when necessary. The other side will be less willing to push you into an unfair settlement when they know your attorney has years of courtroom experience.

3. You also benefit financially. We charge by the hour for divorce work. You do not have to worry about paying for extra with us, something which can happen with other firms that charge a flat rate.

Sadly, your marriage has come to an end. Get off to a positive start in your new life by making the right decision of contacting us at the Law Office of Randolph Rice.

Divorce Statistics in Maryland and the United States

Unfortunately, a large number of marriages wind up in divorce these days. This happens for a number of reasons, from adultery to desertion. We are here to help you survive this often tumultuous experience. Furthermore, our goal is for you to leave the marriage with your rightful share of any household assets.

To help you better understand the seriousness of the solution, here are some important statistics about divorce in Maryland and the nation at large:

1. In general, Maryland has about three divorces per every thousand person. This number has generally remained steady since 1990.

2. In the nation as a whole, divorce is even a little more common than in Maryland. In 1990, for example, the rate was 4.75 divorces per 1000 people. By 2014, this number had declined to 3.2, which is closer to the rate found in Maryland.

Steps in the Divorce Process

You must be careful about how you proceed once a divorce seems imminent. Separating from your spouse is a major life decision. Any mistakes can lead to problems down the road for years to come.

Following is an outline of the most important steps in a Maryland divorce:

  1. Find a divorce attorney. You will need one who is experienced in handling these cases.
  2. Legally separate. In Maryland, depending on the reasons for a divorce, you might have to live separately from your spouse for a certain length of time.
  3. File petition for divorce. The court will want to know the reason for dissolving the marriage.
  4. Get any temporary orders. These are court declarations to help you make it through the process, such as temporary restraint orders and freezing of joint bank accounts.
  5. Discovery. This is the beginning of the litigation phase. Each side asks the other pertinent questions.
  6. Depositions. These are sworn testimony sessions to establish the grounds for divorce.
  7. Court hearings. If there is no settlement at this point, the parties will appear in court.
  8. Signing of the final decree.
  9. Appeal of final decree.
  10. Getting on with life.

From start to finish, the Law Offices of Randolph Rice, is here to help you get the justice you deserve.

Common Divorce Questions for a Maryland Divorce Lawyer

1. What are the types of divorces allowed in Maryland?

Maryland has both fault and no fault divorces. A fault divorce is one in which one of the parties is to blame. The other spouse will have to prove the presence of adultery, desertion, cruelty or some other malicious act that made the marriage untenable.

In a no fault case, the spouses do not have to prove marital problems. If you have not lived with your spouse for over a year, the courts will usually grant the divorce.

2. What is adultery?

Adultery is one of the actions that can lead to a fault divorce. However, unless someone admits to adultery, it can be difficult to prove. Your lawyer will help you establish evidence of adultery by demonstrating that the accused had the tendency to engage in extramarital affairs and the chance to do so in this occasion.

3. What is desertion?

If either spouse has left the home for over a year, then that is desertion. The courts may allow a divorce.

4. What if I deserted my spouse?

If you have deserted your spouse, you need to get legal help fast. They may try to file for a fault divorce against you. However, if your spouse was cruel, violent or otherwise made living together impossible, then your leaving will be excused.

5. Can child support be modified?

Yes, if you or your former spouse has a change in life circumstances, your lawyer can arrange for a modification of child support.

6. How do Maryland courts decide who gets custody of children?

The judge has discretion here. They will always hold the best interest of the child at heart. If is your responsibility to demonstrate that you offer the optimal living arrangement for the child. The court will consider who is the primary caregiver, has the larger income, has been previously more responsible and other qualities.

7. Do men and women have equal rights to child custody?

Yes, Maryland does not discriminate based on gender. Both the naturalfather and mother have an equal chance at custody.

8. Who can receive alimony?

A dependent former spouse may be entitled to alimony. This income allows them to meet life expenses. Both men and women can receive consideration for alimony.

Maryland Divorce Laws

In Maryland, you can file for either a fault of no fault divorce. If someone has made the marriage difficult to sustain, you will want to go the fault route. If, on the other hand, you and your spouse have stopped living together as partners, for any other reason, then choose the no fault option. Always remember that the period of non-cohabitation, which means no sexual relations, must be for at least one year.

Also, after filing for divorce, there is a waiting period before the legal dissolution of the marriage becomes permanent. If need be, we at the Law Offices of Randolph Rice, can work with you to set the terms of your relationship during any waiting periods. Though still legally married, you can separate without having to deal with each other on a continuous basis. Moreover, we want to ensure that you have as much access to household finances and property as needed.

It is important to note that Maryland is an “equitable distribution” state. This means that the judge will not divide marital property equally. Instead, the court will decide who deserves how much. For this reason, you really need us to advocate for you. We make the case for you being deserving of your fair share of property acquired during the marriage.

Contact a Maryland Divorce Lawyer

Do not hesitate. You need to contact us, your Maryland divorce lawyer, as soon as possible. Always remember that things, such as temporary freezing of bank accounts, can leave your life in limbo. You need to get competent legal advice before the other side takes actions that can be harmful to you.

Contact the Law Office of Randolph Rice, for the experienced legal representation you need to succeed with a Maryland divorce lawyer. We want you to live well after the divorce. The decision to speak with us could well put you on the road to a positive future.

Divorce Lawyer – Baltimore Maryland

A divorce is anything but easy. And on top of the stresses of negotiating a separation, you may be obligated to split up the property and monetary assets that you and your ex-spouse have shared. Hiring a divorce lawyer aids you by ensuring that you legally dissolve your marriage, and you receive a just amount of the aforementioned assets. Our divorce lawyer can also aid you in negotiating child custody and support arrangements. If your divorce proceedings are complex, your case may end up in divorce court.

Divorce Proceedings

As your divorce attorney, a representative from Rice Law will take care of scheduling meetings, notifying you of proceedings, and filing paperwork to ensure that deadlines are appropriately met. Moreover, your divorce attorney can represent you if you should have to go to court over disagreements between you and your ex-spouse. As your personal divorce attorney, we keep your interests in mind. We’ll ensure that your marriage is legally dissolved. We’ll fight to ensure that you receive an adequate portion of your shared assets. We’ll strive to earn you the child custody you desire and the child support you deserve. We’re your local divorce attorney, and we represent clients throughout Baltimore County, Dundalk, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Rosedale.

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