DUI Counseling and Classes Available in Maryland

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Are you required to complete a DUI/DWI education or treatment program? We have compiled this list of DUI classes in Maryland. If you have questions about your DUI or DWI charges, contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

Finalad 300x211 - DUI Counseling and Classes Available in MarylandOne Promise Counseling and Education

One Promise Counseling and Education has more than twenty years’ combined experience in Baltimore City, County and surrounding jurisdictions, providing an array of substance use related services to defendants at both District and Circuit Court levels. One Promise is certified by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), and nationally accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) to provide abstinence-based, alcohol and drug treatment services, including: DWI Education; Early Intervention; Outpatient Treatment; Intensive Outpatient Treatment; and Partial Hospitalization services.   Therefore, you can take comfort in the knowledge that you and your loved ones will receive the highest quality of care.

Our counselors are certified and/or licensed through the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists to provide caring, professional, and confidential services in a comfortable group atmosphere.  Many of the counselors at One Promise are in recovery themselves; and have extensive knowledge and experience with the 12-Step philosophy and model of recovery.

One Promise also has a treatment program specifically designed for those individuals with three or more DUI/DWI charges. The Repeat Offender Program features a 30-60 day residency in the One Promise Recovery Housing, combined with a 16-week Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program and aftercare.

The One Promise Transitional Housing Program has 8 Maryland Certification for Recovery Residences, (M-CORR), certified recovery houses, for men and women, dedicated to providing safe, clean, and supportive housing in a loving and spiritual environment.  The recovery housing program is structured around the 12-step model of recovery for those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. The houses are fully furnished, close to bus lines, and are managed by residents who have been part of the One Promise program and have recovery experience.  All residents receive random urinalysis testing at least twice a week and attend daily self-help meetings. Clients may also qualify for state funding to pay for up to 60 days of housing.

In addition to substance abuse treatment, we provide our clients with a court liaison to advocate for them at legal hearings and expert witness testimony, when needed.  The One Promise treatment team also works closely with the clients’ private attorney or public defender to provide any documentation necessary in preparation for their court dates. Clients who are placed on probation following trial, may also receive monthly status reports for presentation to their Probation Agent.

One Promise accepts Maryland Medicaid, Cigna, and Carefirst Blue Cross / Blue Shield insurances, as well as, cash, check, and major credit cards. A sliding fee scale and flexible payment options are also available to clients without health insurance coverage or other financial limitations.


The One Promise philosophy is to educate and empower those we serve. We are always researching traditional and non-traditional alternatives that work to break the cycle of addiction by treating the whole person. We are committed to re-defining the standard of care and creating a safe, positive environment to build a foundation for lasting recovery.

Our vision

Is to offer a loving, clean spiritual environment; specifically designed to assist those individuals with a sincere desire to overcome the pain and suffering of active addiction.

Our goal

Is to treat the mind, body and spirit; by offering a variety of services to our clients.  Simply, One Promise wants to help our clients to have happier, healthier lives.

One Promise offers a variety of treatment modalities as well as M-CORR  certified recovery housing. Below is a list of services that we provide:

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)
  • Outpatient Treatment (OP)
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Repeat Offender ProgramCertified DWI Education
  • Weekend DWI Education
  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Early Intervention
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Aftercare
  • Mental Health Referrals
  • Court Liaison
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Sober Coaching
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Recovery Housing Referrals

One Promise Counseling and DUI Education
6211 Belair Rd.
Baltimore MD 21206
(443) 835-2681

ccg logo 2 300x62 - DUI Counseling and Classes Available in MarylandConcerted Care Group

Concerted Care Group; an innovative medical center that integrates substance abuse treatment, behavioral health, and supportive services conveniently located in Baltimore, Brooklyn, and Frederick, Maryland. Concerted Care Group is a great resource for your team as we are now offering a DWI/DUI Alcohol Education Program (AEP) and DWI/DUI Treatment Program. Contact us for your clients who are DWI/DUI offenders and we will facilitate the process. Concerted Care Group is convenient via public transportation and offers flexible hours.  Our staff is comprised of professional clinicians who are responsive, compassionate and efficient.

Concerted Care Group is state-approved to provide DWI/DUI education and treatment programs that meet court and MVA requirements. An initial assessment is conducted by a certified addictions counselor to determine the most appropriate program for the applicant. We offer a standard 12 hour AEP as well as tailored programs of 8, 10, and 18 hours depending on need. We also offer a 26 and 52 week DWI/DUI treatment program for those who require more intensive treatment due to a more extensive history of alcohol use and/or legal consequences related to their drinking.  The initial assessment is $100 and 12 hour curriculum is $440. The price is prorated for those requiring a different number of hours.

The DUI/DWI programs are facilitated by our experienced and compassionate certified addictions counselors. Concerted Care Group will work with the client to make the process of recovering from a DWI or a DUI as easy as possible. We offer a continuum of treatment programs to support individuals in every stage of recovery; whether your client needs a substance abuse assessment only or a 52 week DWI/DUI treatment program, we are here to help.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about the DWI/DUI education and treatment programs or the behavioral health, substance abuse and supportive services offered at Concerted Care Group. We look forward to future collaboration with you and your team.

CCG’s Services

  • Individual Addiction Counseling
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Outpatient Program
  • Individual & Family Therapy for Adults & Adolescents
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Health Home Services
  • Recovery, Wellness, & Dual Diagnosis Groups
  • Methadone Maintenance
  • Buprenorphine Treatment
  • DWI/DUI Alcohol Education & Treatment Program


  • $100 for initial assessment
  • $45 per session

Alcohol Education Program (AEP) & DUI/DWI Treatment Program

  • CCG offers a state-approved AEP for individuals who have been charged with driving while intoxicated and have been mandated to      attend an education and  prevention program.
  • CCG offers a standard 12 hour/credit AEP as well as tailored programs of 8, 10, and 18 hours depending on need.
  • CCG offers a state approved DUI/DWI treatment program for those who have a more extensive history of alcohol use and/or legal  consequences related to their drinking. CCG offers a 26 week and 52 week program.
  • The programs are facilitated by our experienced and  compassionate certified addiction counselors.
  • For admission to either program, a comprehensive assessment is conducted by a qualified clinician to determine the appropriate program.
  • The programs meet all court requirements.
  • Official documentation will be provided to those who successfully complete the program.
  • The programs are designed to raise awareness of the   effects of alcohol and develop the tools to prevent future DWI/DUI behavior.


Empower every individual with the ability to improve the quality of their life through comprehensive, integrated, and evidence-based addiction treatment.

About CCG

CCG offers community health services including:  substance dependency treatment, behavioral health, primary care, and supportive services in one integrated setting. CCG’s highly experienced, compassionate staff focus on the    patients, their families, and the    community they live and work in. CCG’s goal is to empower each individual to move forward in life and take ownership of the positive outcomes they can achieve for    themselves and their communities.


Baltimore, Maryland
428 E. 25th Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
(25th Street & Greenmount Avenue)

Phone – 410.617.0142
Fax – 443.817.0621

Brooklyn, Maryland
112 East Patapsco Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21225

Phone – 667.260.2600
Fax – 443.873.9797

Frederick, Maryland
300 B Scholls Lane
Frederick, MD 21701

Phone – 240.815.7300
Fax – 301.898.2918
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.ConcertedCareGroup.com

Maryland Driving School

We are certified by the Behavioral Health Administration (used to be ADAA) #BH001348, exp: October 23rd, 2020

Our certified program is the Level 0.5 Early Intervention DUI/DWI 12-Hour Alcohol Education Program (we do not do treatment). Our assessments are $100. Our 12-Hour AEP is $300

We are experienced and have helped more than three-thousand DUI/DWI clients. We provide the 12-Hour AEP at: Columbia, Owings Mills, Rockville, Landover, and Annapolis. Our philosophy is positive: we are encouraging and provide education and real solutions and habits to avoid obtaining another DUI/DWI

We view our clients as normal citizens who happen to have made a poor decision. Our staff are all board certified and experienced counselors

Our clients who do both the 12-AEP & Ignition Interlock with us receive a discount. Our Ignition Interlock installations are free for most vehicles (otherwise $100 or $150 for complicated installs). Our monthly download fee is $80

We are an experienced provider with a very competitive price, experienced and positive counselors. We can do Interlock services also at very competitive pricing.

FCCC logo final 300x283 - DUI Counseling and Classes Available in MarylandFirst Choice Counseling

Website: www.firstcccenter.com

First Choice Counseling Center
17 Warren Rd Ste1-A & 1-B
Pikesville, MD 21208
410 929 4793 (office)
410 779 9400 (fax)

Why should individuals choose your facility

First Choice Counseling Center is dedicated in helping each individual with meeting their expectations and goals. From beginning to end you will find that we truly care that your needs are  met successfully.  We have received favorable responses and testimonials from past clients who experienced good customer service and learned a lot about themselves and substance abuse education by taking our course.

What makes you better than the rest

Here at First Choice Counseling Center, we truly follow our mission statement,  provide great customer service, listen to our client needs and have impactful and powerful group sessions.

What types of services do you offer?

  • 12 hour DWI/DUI Substance Abuse Education Class
  • Assessment and Referral Services
  • Individual and Family Counseling

What is your facility like?

We have a clean and inviting environment. We offer small class sizes up to 6 people.

Describe your staff

Our substance abuse counselors are licensed by the State of Maryland.  Our counselors are skillful, knowledgeable have many years of experience in the substance abuse field. Our counselors are also truly dedicated and compassionate about providing effective and efficient services to help all individuals meet their goals.

Pricing for your services

Our prices are subject to change. Currently assessments are $115.00, 12 hour class total is $360. Assessment fee must be paid a time of appointment.  You can pay as you go for group which is $60 per class.

Describe your theory on treatment and recovery

First Choice Counseling Center believes that everyone has a different way of learning and therefore each recovery path will be unique to each individual .   Once you are ready for your transformation and  find the right treatment your recovery will take place.

Maryland DUI Lawyers

The Law Offices of Randolph Rice is a full service dui defense law firm that defends individuals charged with DUI and DWI throughout Maryland. If you have been charged, contact the office today to discuss your case.


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