Devices to Test Blood Alcohol Content Level

The best way to avoid a DUI or DWI charge is to not drive, or not drink. When the two mix, that’s where you may not necessarily be sure of the situation. You don’t want to have to call a lawyer after getting stopped for drunk driving. But how much beer, wine, or shots is too much for your weight to be considered for driving while under the influence?

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Blood Alcohol Websites – Beware!

While you can certainly visit a web site and punch in your weight and the number of drinks you had (for entertainment purposes only), after the first couple or after watching a long Baltimore Ravens football game are you really sure how much you did drink? Who is really counting

when watching the game or hanging out at the bar anyways? Do you really want to need to call an attorney?

Blood Alcohol Content Testing Device

The best way to avoid hiring lawyers and attorneys when you want to mix drinking and driving is to have your own personal blood alcohol content (BAC) testing device. Just blow into the tube and you’ll know in seconds if your levels are above or below the legal limits. One important thing to keep in mind though… while they may be accurate, your blood alcohol content can continue to rise after checking your levels. And, the devices doesn’t tell you what is the legal level for your state. For the record, in Maryland, a DUI requires a BAC of 0.08% while a DWI checks in at 0.07% or less depending on other factors.

Personal Breathalyzer Models – Importance of the sensor

The two biggest vendors for personal breathalyzers are BACtrack and Alcomate. Models vary in price from anywhere from about a hundred dollars through several hundreds. Are they not all the same and just packaged differently? Absolutely not. The biggest difference is the sensor. How long its good for, how frequently it needs to be recalibrated, the number of digits of results shown. Another difference in units is the number of mouthpieces included. It isn’t exactly something you want to share.

Coast Guard Approved Devices – Blood Alcohol Content

Some of these devices are Coast Guard approved to satisfy the need to have one on board a marine vessel. Those tend not to be for personal use. Models need to be DOT approved for law enforcement usage.

Smart Phone Breathalyzer

The newest addition to the blood alcohol content device arena is the mobile breathalyzer. While these still use a sensor with a breath pump, they communicate via Bluetooth to your phone to record results, instead of having a screen of its own. This keeps the form factor down, and offer extra features like calculations on how soon to zero. One such device, the Breathometer, even made an appearance on an episode of Shark Tank.

While these devices can report what your BAC is, they don’t tell you if you’re intoxicated. Use common sense and good judgement. Lawyers like us are around for those times when the police nab you and you need help. While we love the business, in the long term, you’re better off not risking the drive if you’re still feeling any level of intoxication, no matter what the meter says.

If you’ve been charged with DUI or DWI in Maryland, contact us at our office 410-288-2900 or by email for immediate legal help.

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