The A-to-Z Guide To A Maryland DUI

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Ever  wondered what would happen if you drink and drive? Or maybe you have recently have been charged with drinking and driving in Maryland. Now you have a million questions and you don’t know what to do next?  We can help, I’m attorney Randolph Rice a Maryland DUI/DWI defense attorney. I am also a former Maryland Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA). During my time as an ASA I prosecuted hundreds of not thousands of DUI and DWI cases. I know what it takes to prosecute a DUI or DWI and ultimately defend a DUI or DWI case in Maryland. Since I’ve had the experience on both sides of the aisle, I can present the best possible defense to convince a Judge or Jury that you did not drink and drive.

What does DUI stand for in Maryland?

DUI stands for Driving while under the influence.  This can be under the influence or alcohol, drugs, or drugs and alcohol.

What does DWI stand for in Maryland?

DWI means Driving while impaired.  That also can be driving while impaired by alcohol, drugs and drugs and alcohol.

What is the difference Between a DUI and DWI in Maryland?

The difference between DUI and DWI in Maryland hinges on the level of intoxication.  The greater the level of intoxication or blood alcohol content, the greater the penalties the State can seek and the harsher penalty the Judge may impose.  If you are convicted of DUI or DWI in Maryland, either by a Judge or Jury, the Judge is the person that will determine your penalty or punishment.

What happens to my license if I am charged with DUI or DWI in Maryland?

If you don’t possess a Maryland license, then you don’t have to worry about Maryland taking any action against your license from your home State. However, Maryland will still suspend your privilege to drive in Maryland. Now wait a minute, I just told you Maryland wouldn’t do anything to your license from your home State. That is correct, but in Maryland, driving is a privilege. That means, although Maryland cannot do anything to your license, they can impose sanctions against your privilege to drive in Maryland.  So, if you are licensed in another State and you want to keep driving in Maryland, then you need to obtain a Maryland driver’s license and then you have the same options as a Maryland licensed driver has after a DUI.

If you are a Maryland licensed driver, then you can either elect to participate in the ignition interlock program or suspend your privilege to drive.

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