How Much Does a Maryland DUI Lawyer Cost?

Maryland DUI lawyer Cost

How Much Does a Maryland DUI Lawyer Cost?

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving you probably wonder how much a Maryland DUI lawyer cost? The cost of a Maryland DUI lawyer can vary depending on a number of factors. When considering hiring a DUI lawyer for your drunk driving arrest make sure you look for someone that you feel comfortable with.



Experience of the DUI lawyer

    • One of the biggest factors when it comes to the cost of a Maryland DUI lawyer is the experience of the attorney. An attorney who has just finished Law School and maybe in their first couple years of practice may not cost as much as a lawyer who’s been practicing for more than eight years.
    • Young lawyers often will charge less than an older lawyer because they need more business and they’re trying to build a client base. This may be dangerous When selecting a Maryland DUI lawyer because experience is one of the key factors in a successful drunk driving defense.
    • Lawyers that have been practicing for more than 8 years have handled potentially hundreds of DUI and DWI cases. So looking for a lawyer with experience in the courtroom as well as with the drunk driving laws in Maryland is important for a successful outcome.


Location of the DUI case

Another factor to be considered when it comes to the Maryland DUI lawyer cost is the location of your case. There are some jurisdictions that maybe a farther drive for the lawyer. If an attorney has to spend more time traveling to the courthouse that may cost the client more money.
Therefore, if you hire a lawyer for a case in Western Maryland but they are located on the eastern shore of Maryland, then it may cost more money. It is smart to choose a lawyer who practices Within a set number of jurisdictions to ensure a consistent price point for that lawyer.


Driving record for the client

Another factor to consider in the cost for a Maryland DUI lawyer is the prior driving record for the client. When a client has no prior DUI or DWI convictions the cost will be considerably less than if the client has prior drunk driving convictions.
The reason being is that the client will be facing more serious penalties and it may take more time and more effort on the part of the lawyer to prepare the client and to defend the client in court. For example a first time DUI make cost considerably less than a second or subsequent DUI arrest.


Facts of the DUI arrest 

The facts of each case may dictate the cost of a Maryland DUI lawyer. In other words, if the DUI arrest involves an individual under 21 years old or an accident, particularly an accident or someone was injured. This may cost more money to hire a lawyer because of the facts that the case is more serious and require more work on the part of the lawyer.


Plea versus trial of a DUI arrest

A lawyer may be more expensive if the DUI case will require a trial before either a judge or a jury. In Maryland, if an individual is facing a penalty more than 90 days, then that individual has a right to a jury trial. In most DUI arrests, the police officer will charge both the DUI and the DWI. DUI stands for driving Under the Influence while DWI stands for driving while impaired.
The reason this is important is because DUI carries a maximum penalty of one year whereas a DWI carries the maximum penalty of 60 days. Because the DUI could potentially result in a penalty of greater than 9 days, then the defendant has a right to a jury trial. This means that the lawyer may be required to try the case before a jury which could take multiple days and thus a higher-cost. If the case is going to result in a plea, then it may take less work on the part of the lawyer and therefore the fee maybe less expensive.


How much does a Maryland DUI lawyer cost?

Typically speaking, the legal fee for a DUI lawyer in Maryland, for a first-time offense, can range anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000. This may not include the cost to appear for a motor vehicle administration Hearing in the office of administrative hearings. If there is a requirement to appear for a MVA hearing there may be an additional cost for the lawyer.


Maryland DUI lawyer

If you’ve been charged with DUI or DWI in Maryland, you should contact the experienced and trusted lawyer Randolph Rice today to discuss your DUI arrest, potential outcomes, and how to protect your license.

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