How to Find a Criminal Defense Attorney

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To choose the best lawyer for your case, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions first to determine the type of lawyer you need.

What type of case do you need a lawyer for?  If you need to file for bankruptcy then you should hire a bankruptcy attorney, or a tax attorney for a tax issue.  Don’t hire a tax lawyer or bankruptcy lawyer to handle a criminal or traffic case.  Lawyers today are becoming more and more specialized in their fields.  20 years ago, most lawyers could and would represent any client that walked in the front door.  There was less law and they law was not as sophisticated as it is today.  Now, there are so many nuances and changes to the laws, that you want an experienced and knowledgeable attorney for the type of case you have.

Knowing that, you want to hire a criminal defense attorney if you have:

  • A criminal charge;
  • DUI;
  • DWI;
  • Any type of case where you could go to jail;
  • Traffic tickets/citations;
  • Misdemeanors;
  • Felonies;

If you are unsure, call our office at (410) 694-7291 and we can advise you on the type of lawyer you need for your case.  Ask for attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr.

Once you identified the type of lawyer you need, now you have to find one that you are comfortable with and you believe will protect your rights and fight for your case.

Here are some helpful tips to follow when selecting a criminal defense attorney in Maryland:

  1. Talk to your friends and family.  This can help in two ways.  They can give you names of lawyers they have used or talked to and they can also give you recommendations or warn you to stay away from a lawyer.  If they had a good experience then you might want to call that lawyer and schedule a meeting, where as if they did not have a good outcome or they felt the lawyer did not do a good job, then you may want to steer clear of that attorney.
  2. Internet.  You found this article on the internet and so it must be a good place to find information.  It is no shock that the internet has become the old Yellowpages.  Some attorneys can still be found in the yellow book, but most attorneys that are worth their salt have a web presence and have done a good job at putting information on their site about themselves, their record, and information about the area of law they practice.   Read about the lawyer, look at his credentials and read his blog, this will give you a good idea of what type of lawyer he is and if you should contact the office.  If you like our page and what I’m saying, then you can contact our office at (410) 694-7291 and ask for attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr., he is our criminal defense lawyer.
  3. Meet with the lawyer.   We do it everyday, we base our decisions on what type of person we are dealing with.  When you go to the grocery store and want to buy a steak, if the butcher seems like a good guy and is helpful, you are more likely to purchase meat from him or go to the chicken freezer and pick out some chicken fingers.  The same goes for lawyers, meet with the lawyer and spend 30 minutes in his office going over your case and potential outcomes, as well as what can be done between the charging date and trial to improve your chances of a good outcome.  We meet with every new client for at least 30 minutes, go over their background and then discuss the facts of the case and potential strategies and outcomes.
  4. You can always go to Court and observe the attorney.  This may be a little time consuming but if you are unsure, then see the lawyer in action.  If the lawyer is not in Court almost everyday, you may want to go to the next guy on your list.  A successful criminal defense lawyer in Maryland is going to be in Court almost everyday and sometimes twice a day.  A lot of clients call me and say, “man you are in Court a lot.” That is a good thing, because the more the lawyer is in Court, the more the Judges and State’s Attorney’s interact with the lawyer and the better outcome he has in that Courtroom.
  5. Select a lawyer that is local.  I would suggest not hiring a lawyer in Western Maryland for a case on the Eastern shore of Maryland.  You want to the lawyer to have enough experiences in front of the Judge where you case is scheduled for trial.  My office only handles cases in Baltimore County, Harford County, Cecil County, Carroll County, Howard County, Baltimore City, Anne Arundel and Worcester County.  That way we can concentrate our efforts in developing relationships with the people in those locations and better serving our clients.
  6. Reviews can be important. The internet is good at this and sometimes bad at this.  A lawyer that is the best in his field may never receive a favorable review because happy clients don’t always write something on the internet.  But they may have one client that is never happy and write a scathing review on the internet.  Although we don’t have any bad reviews on the internet, we think it is a matter of time when we get one and we are currently knocking on wood.

If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Maryland, contact my office at (410) 694-7291 and ask for G. Randolph Rice, Jr.  We will help you find the best lawyer and if you choose us to handle your case, I guarantee the best possible outcome.

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