How to Fight DUI or DWI Charges in Maryland

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Over the years our Maryland DUI lawyers have honed their skills in defending clients that have been charged with drunk driving. Preparing a defense for DUI charges is often complicated and requires multiple steps to provide the best possible DUI defense. After a DUI arrest, clients typically will call our office within a day or two to schedule a free consultation.

We want to get the clients in as soon as possible as the clock has started to run on possible license suspensions and MVA consequences. As soon as we are able to meet with our client, we complete a thorough and exhaustive intake of their background and how they became charged with DUI. We start by asking about their educational background as well as about their family and any type of alcohol related incidents in the past.

How the DUI Happened

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We then move on to discussing the actual DUI arrests and the events that led up to the drunk driving charge. Oftentimes, clients will have the statement of charges that was prepared by the police officer who arrested them for drunk driving. An experienced DUI lawyer will be able to read the statement of charges and evaluate the strength of the State’s case against our client.

We want to know how are client was stopped for suspicion of drunk driving and what happened at the road sign between them and the police officer. Determining if the police officer had reasonable articulable suspicion to stop our client’s car is one of the first factors that we analyze in a DUI defense.

If the police did not have a valid reason to stop the vehicle then there may be a potential motion at trial to exclude and dismiss the entire case. In every DUI investigation, the police will ask a driver to perform field sobriety tests. For the police to make that request, they require probable cause in the form of evidence or clues detected at the scene.

Probable Cause in a DUI Arrest

For example, the smell of alcohol and erratic driving may give rise to probable cause. If the police officer fails to state the probable cause for requesting the field sobriety tests, then there is an opportunity to exclude the remaining evidence collected by the officer.

The next evaluation is the performance of our client during the field sobriety test. Most Maryland police officers will administer three separate tests on the roadside. They include the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, the walk-and-turn test and the one-leg stand test. If our client performs well on these tests and refuses to take a breath test at the police station, there may be a basis to challenge the DUI or DWI charges.

How DUI Lawyers Can Help

Our Maryland DUI lawyers have litigated hundreds of drunk driving field sobriety test and are uniquely qualifying to understand how individuals perform on these tests. We also consider the physical condition of our client at the time that they took these tests. Physical injuries can play a part and their performance and may present false positives during the field tests.

If the police officer establishes probable cause for a DUI or DWI arrest, that our client is placed in custody and taken to either a police station or a medical facility for blood test. In most drunk driving cases, the police will transport our client to the police station to submit to a breathalyzer. Once at the police station, individuals have the choice to take the test or refuse the test.

During our analysis of how to proceed in the DUI case, if an individual refuses to take the test then there are limited options for the license suspension. These may include a straight suspension or the election to participate in the ignition interlock program. Advising our clients as to the best course of action regarding their license ability to drive after DUI is something we consider together based on their need to operate a motor vehicle.

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Finally, during the initial consultation we discuss the trial date and potential outcomes for the DUI arrest. Reliable information that our clients can depend on is something our Maryland DUI lawyers take pride in. Since we’re planning for the future after a drunk driving arrest, we want to prepare each client for the trial date with a list of tasks to be completed in the meantime.

That may include and alcohol education or treatment program as well as community service and other elements. Our approach to a DUI defense in Maryland is methodical and well thought-out based on our experience and track record has accomplished drunk driving lawyers. If you are facing DUI charges in Maryland and have questions about your future and how it may affect your ability to drive or your employment, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.


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