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Baltimore burglary lawyerBaltimore, Maryland Burglary Lawyer

Have you been charged with burglary in the surrounding Baltimore area? Burglary is a crime that is prosecuted very seriously. If you are found guilty, your punishment could include jail time and hefty fines. Depending on what degree of burglary you are charged with you could be facing misdemeanor or felony charges. With so many moving parts, it is important to consult with a Baltimore burglary lawyer before making any decisions.

Degrees of Burglary (§6-202-205)

Under Maryland Criminal Code, there are several degrees of burglary all ranging in punishments.

Whether you are found guilty of first or fourth degree burglary is a huge difference in punishment. Leave the negotiations to the professionals, call a Baltimore burglary lawyer today.

Related Crimes to Burglary in Baltimore, Maryland

Under the burglary code of Maryland, breaking and entering a motor vehicle, burglary with a destructive device and breaking and entering a research facility are also criminalized. Breaking and entering a motor vehicle – rogue and vagabond, prohibits possessing burglar’s tools with the intent to use them in the commission of a crime involving breaking and entering a car. Burglary with a destructive device prohibits a person from opening or attempting to open a vault, safe, or other secure repository by the use of a destructive device while committing burglary. Finally, breaking and entering into a research facility prohibits a person from breaking and entering a research a facility with the intent to obtain unauthorized control over research property, damaging research property or destroying or removing research property.

If you have been involved in one these crimes and are facing charges, you need to contact a Baltimore burglary lawyer today.

Defenses to Burglary in Baltimore, Md.

One of the most obvious defenses is simply that you are innocent and did not commit the crime. During trial, the prosecution has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant, in fact, committed the crime. So, as a defense, we can introduce possible doubt to what the prosecution is presenting.

Another defense to burglary is that the conduct that is accused does not amount to legal activity. This can involve proving one of the elements of burglary is not satisfied. Building a defense to burglary can be complicated. If you are charged with burglary, be sure to call a Baltimore burglary lawyer to talk today.

Call Today to Speak to a Baltimore Burglary Lawyer

Whether you have been charged with burglary in any degree, or one of the related crimes, a Baltimore criminal lawyer can help you. With such a range in punishments, the degree you are charged with matters. Contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice for the experience you need in order to successfully negotiate a burglary case.