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Essex, Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal and traffic charges are serious and you need the help of an experienced Essex criminal lawyer. If you’ve been charged with a crime or traffic offense in Essex, Maryland, contact our office to schedule a free consultation. An Essex criminal lawyer may be helpful in formulating a defense or mitigating the consequences of the charges.

Criminal Charges – Essex Criminal Lawyers that Work for You!

Criminal sentences can be serious in Essex, and if charged with a crime, most individuals will appear in the Essex/Rosedale District Court for Baltimore County. Make sure you call the Randolph Rice criminal defense lawyers today at 410.288.2900 to discuss the criminal allegations and how he can help today!

Essex Criminal Lawyer FAQ

Individuals charged with crimes in Essex have a lot of important questions. At the Law Offices of Randolph Rice, we have the answers for our clients. We return phone calls and ensure our clients know what to expect and how we plan to defend their rights and protect their freedom. We have complied a list of some of the most common questions to ask an Essex criminal lawyer.

When To Hire an Essex Criminal Lawyer

If a person is charged with a crime in Essex, Maryland, he or she should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Evidence is the name of the game when it comes to criminal cases. The sooner a trusted criminal lawyer can start collecting evidence, the better that lawyer can defend the client.

What Happens When Arrested in Essex MD?

All individuals charged with a crime or suspected or committing a crime have a right to remain silent. It is advised that each person that is facing or has been alleged to have committed a crime should remain silent. The police and State can use statements made by the defendant in Court. If charged with a misdemeanor, the person will be taken before a commissioner to determine if a bail should be set. If charged with a felony, then the person could have preliminary hearing and trial date in the Baltimore County Circuit Court will be set.

Why Hire the Essex Criminal Lawyer Randolph Rice

When you appear before a Judge, you should have someone fighting for you. Attorney Randolph Rice is an experienced and trusted criminal defense lawyer. He is a former Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore County and has been protecting his clients’ rights for years. Let his experience in the Courtroom go to work for you and your case.

How to Contact the Essex Criminal Lawyers

Attorney Randolph Rice has two convenient locations, one in Dundalk/Baltimore and the other in Lutherville/Towson.  Residents of Essex, Maryland can contact the office 24/7 or stop by during business hours to speak with a lawyer about their case.

Who is the Best Essex Criminal Lawyer?

Although there is no database or system of determining the “best Essex criminal lawyer.” Attorney Randolph Rice has been recognized by his peers as a Maryland Super Lawyer – Rising Star for criminal defense for over 4 years in a row.  He is ranked by Avvo as a 10 out of 10 Superb Lawyer in Maryland. Lead Counsel has ranked him as a best criminal lawyer in Maryland and received numerous other awards. Make sure you hire the best Essex criminal lawyer for your criminal charges, it could mean the difference between your freedom and jail time.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, contact the Essex criminal lawyer Randolph Rice today at 410.288.2900 or toll free at 1-800-470-RICE to schedule a free consultation. Attorney Rice will sit down and go over the case with you, possible defenses, penalties and how to best handle the criminal or traffic charges.

Essex Criminal Charges

Essex, Maryland is a community located in the east-side of Baltimore County, Maryland. with a 2010 population of 39,262. Back river runs along the southwest birder and Middle River running along the northeast portion of the community, the area is popular with boaters. Some of the most common criminal and traffic charges in Essex include:

Essex Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me

The Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, is a full service criminal defense law firm. They represent clients who have been charged with Maryland misdemeanors and felonies.  Their goal is to guide you through the criminal case, ensuring you make the best decisions and end your case with the best outcome.  Essex criminal lawyer Randolph Rice is experienced with all criminal charges in Maryland.

Randolph Rice is recognized by Super Lawyers as a Maryland rising star, Avvo ranked 10 out of 10 and Lead Counsel Rated.  He is a former Assistant State’s Attorney and has handled thousands of criminal cases in Maryland District Courts and Circuit Courts.

Click Randolph Rice to learn more about his experiences and learn more about him.  If you are in Essex or anywhere else in Maryland, click on our contact page to get directions to the office.

They know that when you are charged with a crime, you have a million questions.  They are here to answer those questions and provide sound legal advice to get you through the process.  A criminal conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. Don’t let one mistake ruin the rest of your life. Criminal defense lawyer since 2009. Maryland criminal defense legal advice, 24/7 Free Confidential consultations. Essex, Md 410-288-2900.

Question About Your Criminal Charges

We will answer these tough questions about your criminal case:

The Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, can answer all of these questions and more.  Call today and schedule a free confidential consultation, same day appointments available.

Call 410-288-2900 for immediate legal help and representation.